G80 lead time

Are the ship dates / availability on Mouser reasonably accurate?

Trying to plan out prototyping and logistics of our next project and I only have 2 SoC’s on hand…

ST has a very long time for whatever reason. To is usual for them all things should get better in the future. If you are working on a commercial project, we can help you in planning if you contact us directly.

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Right now I’m just prototyping stuff, there’s no pressing deadlines for commercial production at this point.

I was just trying to get an idea of availability so I can plan the schedule & order of operations on what I am doing over the next couple months on the long journey towards production.

I managed to destroy 3 of 5 G30’s when I was building prototype boards thurs & friday, some of that is learning curve (still making lots of dumb mistakes). With only 2 G80s on hand and my miserable percentage on soldering success, I might skip up to G120 as my next test. If I managed to screw up 40% of my G30’s when soldering them I imagine my success rate with the larger G80’s is going to be even worse.

I had 1 of 5 G30’s successfully reflow without issues - still working on improving that. So I had to hand solder them. 2 I succeeded with, 2 I failed with. So I got 3 working boards out of a planned 5. No biggie, that’s enough for now (and I have more G30’s on the way to re-attempt those remaining 2)

However I don’t want to spend the time and money to have G80 boards produced when I only have 2 chips on hand. I know that’s going to end in nothing short of disappointment, wounded pride, a screwed up self imposed time table, and much foul language. :slight_smile:

So I will move on to G120 and G400 then come back to G80 after they’re available again.

Oh, and thanks for the quick reply, Gus.

You know there is a thing called “the weekend” right? :slight_smile:

One other thing - relating to commercial stuff.

You guys ever give tours?

I might be visiting some clients over in NW Indiana this fall, and it wouldn’t be a stretch to head up to Michigan. Would love to meet you guys and see how things are done.

Weekend? What is that? :wink:

We love giving tours. We have top of the line setup that we proudly show off.

Weekend: Precursor to Mondays.

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I can’t figure out if there is a direct or indirect correlation between this and successful projects.

Of course how would I know, I have only ever tired this approach.

Haha I don’t know, but I’m pretty sure good code and foul language go hand in hand. It’s worked for me for a few decades anyway. :slight_smile:

Look for the G80 stock to show up at Mouser within 2 weeks. :grinning:

Thanks for the heads up Mike