G80 First Boot

Hi Guys,

I have already bought G80 processor, and I could switch the older versions with the LDR0 and LDR1 pins to boot loader mode to load the firmware. But now I bought G80 processor and It connects to the PC as STM32 BOOTLOADER device. I have never seen this before. I want to load the NETMF firmware to this processor, but I can not how, because I can not switch it to bootloader mode with LDR0, because It doesn’t work, the G80 connects always as STM32 BOOTLOADER to the PC, not as a COM port.

I have read on the website there is an STM32 Bootloader, but that is not clear for me…

Can somebody help me? How can I switch this G80 to boot loader mode?


There are a couple of other threads here about other commercial customers with issues like this. Please see those, then get in touch with GHI and your supplier to get formal support.

Thanks Brett,

I found this thread:

This problem is same as my problem.
But there is no solution.

I purchased at the mouser also. I purchased on 13 of September.
I have also G80, and not a basic STM32 processor.

Any ideas?

clearly there IS a solution. Contact Mouser and GHI directly (support@ghielectronics.com) and they will help. The solution will however NOT be published or discussed here.

We have found all bad chips minus a couple. Looks like you have them. Please email us directly and we will take care of it.

I also have this problem. Where I have to e-mail, and what data I have to include ?

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The email is listed above. Include compete detail about your purchase as this is was already resolved months ago!