G80 FEZ config TinyCLR?

We have been using G80s on our products for years now and this newest shipment isn’t working like the previous. Normally we open FEZconfig, the GHI bootloader COM appears, we update Tinybooter, then load our HEX file.

This time it seems different. GHI Bootloader isn’t coming up. I’m getting ‘STM device in DFU Mode’. Has something changed. Is there an alternative to FEZconfig? Why am I getting something in DfuSE Demo? If I have to load something why isn’t there a G80 bootloader .dfu available.

Also not sure what I’m talking about…

also not sure what you’re talking about ! :wink:


are the relevant links I’d look at first.

This shouldn’t happen. Did your board house make a mistake and bought ST chips instead of G80? I have seen this happen before.

Thanks Gus. It sure does seem that they are ST chips although they were ordered from Mouser/Digikey. If they were ST chips would the markings on the chip be different? If they do end up being ST chips is there anything we can do?

Thanks so much!!

Sure looks legit.

Looks like the team is working with you directly on resolving the issue.

We also have the same issue for G80 purchased from Mouser on August 2019 , kindly update us as we have finished the PCBA. we are using NETMF on G80, expecting your reply at the earliest

you need to reach out to GHI directly via their website, rather than just here, because this is not a formal channel into the company. You should also raise it with Mouser.

Just 2 cents… Are you sure that your custom board correctly set boot0 pin of the chip to the ground via weak resistor (50-100K)?

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We have more info but still investigating. Please email us directly.

we have already sent email to support@ghielectronics.com along with tech@mouser.com for further assistance, but we did not receive any formal reply or acknowledgment to this time, waiting to solve the issue as the PCBA is completed.

This a tested and proven board and we had produced 100 + pcs in the last two months and deployed and was perfect. This issue is only with this batch of G80 SOCwhich was purchased from Mouser

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We have being supported by GHI by sending needed documents for the issue and is resolved
Thank you


We are having the same issue with the 0BJ8 batch of G80’s, can you tell me the contact information of GHI to solve this problem, please

I think you already have been in contact and we have responded today

I think we have a batch of G80s that we ordered ~a year ago that exhibit this behavior. Occasionally someone puts one on a PCB and they want me to program it. Is there any workaround? Or do we just have to replace the microcontroller? Thanks!

There is no work around but this issue was resolved a while ago