Fritzing parts for FEZ boards

I have created my first Fritzing part for FEZ Mini.

Fritzing is a great tool and I recommend it.

The rest of the boards are in progress. ;D I will post updates in this thread as I finish the rest of them.

Finally someone who found the time to do this!!!
I love you man! This will make things SO much easier!
THANK YOU! :clap: :clap: :clap: :dance: :dance: :dance:

I’ve never seen that site before… Fritzing eh?

This is good. Architect! What can I do to help?

Cheers Ian

P.S. I’ve already downloaded Fritzing…

Have fun ! Thanks both!

Here is my Panda part almost done.

Test FEZ Mini. See if it usable in fritzing.

You really made it identical to original board! I love it!

FEZ Panda II?

Yep!! Imported part easily and connects ok… Tried all the pins.

Schematic routing and PCB routing all work fine

Cheers Ian

And Schematic (LED’s the wrong way round oops)

Already started.

Finishing Panda tonight, and hopefully will have Panda II tomorrow.

Coolness. Have not seen before. Have wanted something like that. Great.
Now it just need code-behind :slight_smile:

Architect!! The more I play with this the more I like it…

It has an Arduino / Panda / Domino, sized PCB layout for making shields.

Actually I’m amazed with the amount of parts available… I can route a PCB in seconds…

Cheers Ian

Exactly my feelings, man!

And this is just an alpha. This application can grow to be an awesome tool. When I am done with the parts I will submit it to Fritzing. They said that after checking the parts whey will include into the library, so it will become part of the installation.

When editing/making a part, mine keeps crashing at various times with no real what for. Still coolness.

Awesome! I have been wanting these for SO long, but never knew how to make the graphics :-[

Cool! Thanks for the infos. From now on, I will have pretty schematics and layouts!

Very very nice!

Also, I thought the usb-port design nicer in FEZ panda (opaque) than in FEZ mini (transparent)

I am liking how easy it is to hook stuff up and easily try different layout until you like it. Think it could save some smoke by doing this first. Always helps to have a plan of attack anyway.

Now just waiting for Architect’s Panda part (and Domino) :slight_smile:

Sorry, was to tired this weekend after working in the yard. Will upload Panda I tonight.

Looks like the want to offer a PCB fabrication service (Launch in december 2010 ???)

PCB fabrication sounds good, even more because they are located in Germany. Which is great for Europe users.

Lol, seems to be a little late then :smiley: