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First ever .NET Gadgeteer contest


Want a free FEZ Hydra? Want an additional $250 coupon so you can order all modules you need? Are you in love with FEZ? What about free DuinoProto as well?

If you answered yes to everything above, click here
This holiday season is going to be a lot of fun with all the piezos we’ll see!

Please let us know if we have missed something or you have suggestions/comments on the page above.

Bring it on TinyCLR community :slight_smile:


DuinoProto is a very good idea!

Time to convert my simple Piezo Gadgeteer module to a smart one that follows contest requirements:

;D ;D ;D


Wow… I started drafting something very similar to the DuinoProto this morning. Always a day late… :frowning:

Excited about the contest though!!!


Very cool! Unfortunately, probably beyond my current skills, but I’m very much looking forward to seeing what folks come up with.

Are team entries acceptable? Maybe I can convince Pete to let me work with him on a module. I have some ideas…just not near enough experience sourcing parts and fabricating to make them reality.


Yes team is okay.


@ Architect - First time I’ve seen your blog. Very nice!

@ devhammer - You can do it! Come on…I need some company in the non-Pro category. It’ll be a great learning experience. Sourcing & fabricating are only a small part of the equation. Big ideas are what they really want. Of course, if I was near Pete I’d probably want to team with him also :wink:


I’ll talk to Pete about it this weekend…since we both share an interest in music (my degree was in music/theatre), it might be a fun project to tackle. :slight_smile:


The rules states that the module has to use either the X or U socket.

Can we use S (SPI) ?


The contest page said “For example, it can use socket type X and then 3 I/Os can be used to control the alarm sound frequency or alarm type. Or use socket type U to send the alarm configuration over UART (serial port).”

Those are just examples. You are free to use SPI/CAN/USB or whatever you like. Keep in mind that there is more XY sockets on mainboards than there is U and S sockets so in general it is better to use XY.


Is it one idea entry per person/team or can we submit multiple ideas?


Only one entry please. It is a piezo, do you really have multiple ideas?


Well, I have one right now… But, I’ve still got almost a month to think up more! I’ll hold off a little while before I submit my best idea. :wink:


It is okay if your concept is different from what you submit later on.


Sounds fun, will the “LED contest” be held too?


Gus, I just tried to submit an idea and in an attempt to insert a line break in the concept I hit Enter and it was submitted… There doesn’t appear to be a way to submit again. Could you email me what was submitted and reset my entry so I can try again? Sorry.


Entry reset.


Thanks, Josh!


What quantity should this be based on?


It wouldn’t matter. You can make some awesome sounds with a million gate FPGA but that wouldn’t be a good “peizo module” :slight_smile:


Gus, I think you misunderstood. If you want us to include in our deliverable the costs of the components then we need to make sure we’re all talking apples to apples. Do you want us to source the component cost based on building a single module or based on say 1000 modules?