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Fifth Preview of TinyCLR OS Core Features and Porting


@ Bauland - you do not need to build anything but if you built your own firmware then GREAT. We want everyone to be able to do that, but this is optional.


oh wow! This will only make us work harder. Thank you for helping us test TiynCLR OS :slight_smile:


@ Gus - Sorry to say that but where can we found already built firmware without build TinyCLR-Ports ?


Did you follow these steps?


Thanks Gus, I was so excited that I’ve missed the line you point me !!! :wall: :wall: :wall:
Although, now I know how to build firmware :smiley:



@ Bauland - great! I wish everyone understand the value of their gadgeteer hardware and how it is still useful today… Maybe I should go back and make some videos about gadgeteer :wink:


Here is the driver for those having issues

We are still investigating this.


@ Gus - You’re welcome.-


I’m trying to get TinyCLR OS loaded on my Quail but can’t figure out how. I tried the Quail Firmware.0.5.0.hex but that error’d out and then tried the the two FEZ bootloaders but that went nowhere. Could you please post instructions?


Have you seen this?


So does this mean we can use TinyCLR on commercial products now?


I do not understand what can fail on your side. However, here is how I do it :

  • Using DFU File manager, create a .DFU from the Quail Firmware.0.5.0.hex file
  • Put the Quail in DFU mode (Press both Reset and Boot buttons, Release Reset, then release Boot)
  • Using DFU Tester, erase the flash
  • Once done, click on the “Download” button and select the DFU file you have generated just before
  • Once done, click the “Leave DFU mode” button
  • Reset the Quail

It should now appear as “Quail” in your Windows peripherals (in the USB section)


If you are happy with a pre beta software :slight_smile: no it is not production ready yet.


My bad. I’ve been using NETMF for 10 years and have used DFU Tester and DFU Demo a hundred times but never DFU File Manager. Didn’t even know it existed until I looked in the Start Menu. Guess I should read the original instructions a little harder :-[


I get a whole bunch of “error: target CPU does not support ARM mode”

C:\TinyCLR\TinyCLR-Ports-master>build FEZ build release normal c:\GCC5_4_2016q3
C:\TinyCLR\TinyCLR-Ports-master\Targets\STM32F4\STM32F4_AD.cpp:1:0: error: target CPU does not support ARM mode
// Copyright Microsoft Corporation
C:\TinyCLR\TinyCLR-Ports-master\Targets\STM32F4\STM32F4_DA.cpp:1:0: error: target CPU does not support ARM mode
// Copyright Microsoft Corporation
C:\TinyCLR\TinyCLR-Ports-master\Targets\STM32F4\STM32F4_Flash.cpp:1:0: error: target CPU does not support ARM mode
// Copyright Microsoft Corporation
C:\TinyCLR\TinyCLR-Ports-master\Targets\STM32F4\STM32F4_GPIO.cpp:1:0: error: target CPU does not support ARM mode
// Copyright Microsoft Corporation


Which port? What steps?


@ Designer- c:\GCC5_4_2016q3 may be incorrect version.
In notes, it is version 6 - 2017 q2.


@ Bauland -

Try to use gcc 6.3.1 or latest one.

If still want to use 5.4 and fix that error, add “-mthumb” right after -mcpu=%MCpu% in build.bat.

and correct the library

SET "GccLibrary=%GccDirectory%\arm-none-eabi\lib\....."


@ Dat - thank you … will attempt this later in the day.