Fifth Preview of TinyCLR OS Core Features and Porting

A TinyCLR OS outbreak is heading your way!

Starting today, TinyCLR OS is going to start infecting a lot of hardware you already own and other hardware around the world. Today’s Tech Talk is all about that and we cover some questions below as well.

What is TinyCLR OS?
It is a modern operating system that runs .NET programs on your embedded devices. Take a look at the docs to see what’s changed and what’s coming!

How do I use TinyCLR OS?
Get the latest Visual Studio 2017, install the TinyCLR OS extension (it’s less than 1MB!) and now you can load and debug programs on your hardware with just a USB cable. Get going today!

Which hardware does TinyCLR OS support?
TinyCLR OS is easily portable. We have put all the complex interpreter work into a single library that we manage. Then this library uses some peripheral drivers to run on specific hardware. We are starting with example ports for G30, G80, FEZ, BrainPad, FEZ Cerberus, STM32F411-DISCO, STM32F407G-DISCO, netduino 3, and Quail. Yes, you heard that right, netduino 3 and Quail boards now work with Visual Studio 2017 and TinyCLR! And this is just a starting point. We are already working on many other boards.

How do I help?
Everything you need is on the TinyCLR GitHub. You can start helping out today. The current supported devices still need work.

What tools do I need to port TinyCLR OS?
Nothing but free tools: Visual Studio 2017 Community and GCC. Just follow the porting instructions. These are the same tools we use internally so you will get the exact same results.

Where is the TinyCLR OS support for G120 and G400?
They’ll be back in the next release.

Is there RLP/Native code in TinyCLR?
Yes! Even better: you can add your own native interops! You can extend TinyCLR anyway you like, just like we do.
See the docs to get started.

Who has used TinyCLR OS?
We have been working close with many commercial users and community members. In fact, we hope to see videos showing community members with TinyCLR OS running on their hardware.

Do I see a new documentation system?
Yes! We are excited about moving all our documentation to GitHub and DocFX. It is in progress still, so please be patient and feel free to contribute.

What is FEZ?
It is the official reference board for TinyCLR OS. More on this later!


Same day as holydays … Miam, miam !!! :whistle:

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I knew it the second I saw Gus follow Netduino on fb yesterday :wink: :smiley:


Here is a proof of concept. TinyCLR OS running on a MikroBUS.Net Quail board. Simple LED Blinky.


Would it be possible to port it to the Linkit 7697 that has Cortex M4, BLE, WiFi and 4M of flash?

Yes and would not be too hard as interrupts and timers are already built into the M4, so our code will simply work. You only need the UART and flash drivers.

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I haven’t had time to do a flashy video so you will have to make do with this for now :smiley:

TinyCLR OS running on a Carbon 2.0 which has a STM32F411 uC

LED strip is using SPI
Dongbu’s are using UART

Awesome work from the GHI Minions…

Happy days :clap:


@ Justin and @ scardinale - this just keep getting better and better!

Anyone built their own firmware yet? It is very easy and the build takes 5 seconds!!!


@ Gus - Alas since its already Saturday here i have a day of domestic duties so it will be another 12 hrs or so until i get to play with compilers :frowning:

@ Justin - What is the name of the module thats mounted on the Carbon board?

How big is the footprint size of the TinyCLR when compiled for this MCU?

@ Honken - ESP Wifi on top STM etc underneath, i cant remember size as i am away from the PC doing said domestic duties…

Very interesting. I am going to try it.
( :think: where did I put that BrainPad )

Where is G400 firmware? I can’t find it…

@ mifmasterz - as mentioned on the announcement docs. They will return on the next version.

Please see the announcement :slight_smile:

We miss you sir! Welcome back.

EMX isn’t already supported ? :’(

Awesome work indeed ! :clap:

We are looking forward to collaborate more closely with GHI on the Quail and Click boards support.


@ Gus or @ John - It could be important in Release notes to add that all firmware files must now be builded. (Or I was missing something ?)

I was able to deploy on Panda III, Cerberus and Brainpad (Just a mainboard led blinking). Now I will test on Spider II. But I’m glad to see my cerberus has been resurrected !!! :clap: :clap: :clap:


@ John - A sample “Hello world” on Netduino. Netduino is reviving ! :clap:

Thanks a lot.

TinyCLR has its French Wiki :