FEZ watch running NETMF!

That was a question. What do you guys think of a FEZ watch running NETMF? Would you buy one and how much would you pay for it?

The problem with the watch is that you can’t connect much to it and the battery wouldn’t last forever due to the need of a high performance processor to run NETMF.

Have you seen Chronos EZ430 watch?

See some youtube videos http://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=chronos+ez430&aq=f

Bwahaha, put a color LCD on and let me at it!

very cool :slight_smile:

hmm and i think it would be usefull to my home automation project; door unlock etc :smiley:

Microsoft deja vu?

Yes NETMF started as a SPOT project which is NETMF on a watch

I’d like one, but I’m not sure I’d pay more than $60 for one.

I’ll tell ya what I’d REALLY like, though: A sort of FEZ PDA. An EMX/CWX/something faster module with a small PCB and a 4.3" enclosure in the same sort of form factor of a mobile phone. IO would be through a port on one side, and there’d even be WIFI and a battery.

I’d buy one of those in a heartbeat. Soooo many applications.

I’m with chris, I’d prefer a FEZ PDA over a watch. I think a PDA would open up ALOT of doors for further development including wireless sensor monitoring, home automation, car / vehicle performance tracking, the ability to have a dedicated display & control for robotics and a lot of other projects. It would also support other projects like PyxisOS.

A watch would also be kind of cool. I can already see me looking at my watch to see a picture of whomever is ringing the doorbell outside.



That was my plan for ChipworkX until I realize how big it is. I still like the watch idea.


Cobra is give or take the right size for a PDA why not hook up a few buttons and slap a different case on it?

A watch would be realy nice, something like the ez430 from TI, but with BlueTooth instead of RF (more reliable, better connections with desktop and mobile devices).
Due to the more powerful microcontroller the watch should have 2 batteries (a small one for RTC and one easily accessible, maybe rechargeble, for powering the FEZ).
It should have an easy way to connect by USB cable for development.
The LCD, temperature and battery voltage measurement and the 3-axis accelerometer are OK, I don’t know about the pressure sensor…
The price can be more then double than TI’s, somwhere in the low-end range for a mobile phone.

Just my $0.02 opinion :wink:

No way. Cobra is far too big to be a PDA. Got look at an Ipaq 210. This is the form factor I’d like to target.

OLD PDA. Back in the day, before your time; when cell phones were larger than bricks.

Emx Module only and a thin tft would be fine enough for pda style. As for the watch sure i would like to get my hands on one. Regret not buying a spot watch when i had the chance as it is. Ahead of its time sadly.

I want a FEZ Watch and a FEZ PDA … by christmas! Ok … by my birthday then … June.


FEZ PDA comes to windows mobile? :stuck_out_tongue:
I would like the idea, but is it usefull? What would the specs be? (especially battery time) and would it have WIFI or some sort of?

Really funny you ask this, came across this, this week:



I like the comment about Flava Flav on the above link.

Here is more


Hahaha would be cool if we had THAT :smiley:

Here is another one - Nooka Zub Zayu:

A classmate has some kind of watch which seems to be connected to half the world :smiley:
It has gmail, mail, twitter, facebook and what else not :smiley:

Cool, but a little overdone. I believe it cost around $200… ::slight_smile:

Any news of this i would love watch with netmf but a color display and water resistant is a must!
Hmmm the price would not matter that much for me at least would be super fun to program!