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Fez Tank Mk1


I’ve started work on a Fez tank.

  • Powered by a 9.6v NiCd battery.
  • Ardumoto shield (Thanks Foekie for the driver).
  • Sharp proximity sensor.
  • 2 x contact switches.
  • Compass
  • 2 x wheel encoders

The aim of the project is to navigate around my unit and map out the floor.
This project is the primer for my next big project (UAV plane for the outback challenge in 2011.

I’ll keep posting the progress.


So far the tank consists of two layers, Battery, motor and gearbox holdings, and the top level is for the Fez Domino and motor shield. I will be adding an additional level for extra components.

The photo you see below if the side profile showing the layers.


Cool! A little pity that we are both going the same way, but this is also very handy on the other side! ;D

You should have made a own chassis instead of the tamiya one… :stuck_out_tongue:

If you have any questions, feel free to ask me! :wink:


Very sweet…more FEZ robots :dance:

The base can be the same but each robot can have its different enqueue features. It is very easy to make a robot the just moves forward but then adding the sensor and programming is what makes it special


Cool good work.

That chassis look very familiar. Was my first line follower ever based on it.


Wow, there are at least 4 FEZ robots on the site now. Mine, Hai’s, Foekie’s and yours


5, because I have 2 robots :stuck_out_tongue: ::slight_smile:


Ah, yes, the hexapod. I forgot.


… and soon there will be my delta robot (brahahaha)

Thanks for the head’s up on the UAV Challenge RJ; I didn’t know about that.



How much thought have you put into the UAV? I would be very interested if you did a UAV project.


Hey Chris,

I intend on going to the UAV challenge this year (September) in Kingaroy purely as a spectator, for some information gathering.

I have started planning for the UAV challenge in 2011, but at a very high level.

My dad has decided to built us 2 Telemaster Seniors

Apparently they can hold a large payload, and are stable to fly.

Once I’ve mastered 2D autonomous navigation, I will try my hand at 3D with the plane.

Chris, are you planning on building a UAV plane?


Hi RJ,

I thought thought a lot about building a UAV, but I’m hesitant to do it due to the cost and complexity. If you robot project goes OK, I might consider it.


The first video of the Fez Tank Mk1.

Still has a few teething problems, ie sharp sensor is not the best. But I hope to fix this with an ultrasonic sonar.

The Tank is using an Async worker to process digital (switches at the front) and analog (distance sensor) input.

An controller class receives updates(only if there is a change) and makes the desired decision.

Not sure how other people have processed the analog in from the Sharp sensor, but I filtered it as much as possible so that I don’t get dodgey readings. I use 2 stage selective averaging. Also, a capacitor on the sensor helps a little.

Still waiting on the rest of my components from China now (compass, accelerometer, ping sonar & wheel encoders). Hopefully the tank should be a lot less crude.

Thanks for watching. And thanks to all those who have shared their code and/or Drivers.

Gus, any possibility of having a code sharing category?


Hmm I see you did choose to pick either gear ratio A or B. (it’s very fast)
I would advise to use gear ratio C. This is high torque mode. (good for outside usage)

Looks great!


…help help, I am stuck…lol (tank is saying)

We have a whole code share feature coming up


Hi RJ,

The problem with your Sharp Sensors is that they have a limited close up range. See this tutorial:

Basically what’s happening is that your robot is getting so close that the sensor doesn’t even see the object


Bring on the ultra sonics :>


From what I have heard, the US sensors aren’t a ton better. You know what, I’m going to start a new thread on RF sensors, BRB!


Thanks for the link Chris.

I will try and put the sensor as far as I can at the back of the tank and see how that goes.


Yeah, that goal is to just fill the dead spot in as much as possible. If you can do that without hitting the back of the robot, all the better!