FEZ Rhino is online

We are happy to say that the first production samples of FEZ Rhino are in-house and they look great :dance:

There is still a lot of testing that need to be done. We will be adding documentation and more info next week.

Have Fun FEZ Community :clap:

holy :o you guys are lightning fast :smiley:

Very cool. Looks good. I like the expansion port idea for like the wiznet Ethernet. Do you have a complete picture for the case?

Me too! I was already wondering what should be added there, until I looked down :smiley:

I LOVE the design, it’s a domino with a cobra design, very cool! And again a very small, well thought board!

UEXT display adds even more function to the rhino, now you do not need to rely on the LCD (keypad) shield anymore.

I have no clue what this will cost, but I guess around the price of domino? (maybe cheaper?, promotion?)

If I could pick either a domino or rhino, I would absolutely pick rhino! :smiley: 8)

Ok, when’s it going to be available for sale. I’m ready to but now!

That was fast.

Which PCB fab do you use ?

Lol, that will take some time, the first prototypes have just arrived :slight_smile:

Anyway, one thing (of the design) is not good.
If you have a look at this picture:

The bottom left mounting hole is VERY close to the power input. If I would mount it with a bolt, there would probably be contact between the bolt and the power supply line.

No more pictures for now but we will be adding more in near future.

We have few to sell or give away but we are not sure who should get them :smiley: Plus we should wait till we have the display expansion and documentation (next week)

Even if the bot touched the power connector it will still be fine. Do nto worry we already thought about it :wink:

See this http://www.tinyclr.com/images/products/TCLR-RP0149_large.jpg

That is a microSD versus the SD on the Cobra :slight_smile: I like that

I think I mentioned this on the “Rhino” call, but I was hoping to see a connector for a 16x2 character LCD, may be just the pads, if some one needs them they can solder the connector.

I know that there will be a Color LCD option but for some projects a simple LCD may be enough. Just a thought - don’t hit me :smiley:

Rajesh, Your request was taken into consideration. Just wait for couple days to see the new Display Expansion. :wink:

Yes Rajesh, the board already support 2x16 displays :smiley: you just have to wait and see :wink:

Your comments and all other comments were taken seriously as always :wink:

Thanks Gus
Thanks Josef

All this makes GHI special ! There are very few organizations that make the Community active participants in product development.

… I would call it a “Maximized Experience”

[quote]Even if the bot touched the power connector it will still be fine. Do nto worry we already thought about it

See this http://www.tinyclr.com/images/products/TCLR-RP0149_large.jpg[/quote]

Ah, I see! Very good that you have thought about this! I had almost made some short-circuits with the domino, and I’ve mentioned that at that time, seems like you have remembered this (or not :D)
Anyway, enough fun, very good that you have thought about this!

Yes, it is special and we love it ;D

Is there a reason the WIZ module is the 811, not the 812? I thought there was a reason Wiznet made the 812 (what it was escapes me at the moment though)…

AFAIK the 811 has 2 mounting holes and the 812 has 4 (2 of them are arcs).

We are not aware of any issue with 811 but if you know of a reason on why we should use 812 then please let us know ASAP before it is too late. I noticed that 811 is getting somewhat too warm but I assumed this is normal for a MAC PHY!

feeling hot is probably expected :slight_smile:

I can’t really see the details behind the change. http://www.wiznet.co.kr/Sub_Modules/en/product/Product_Detail.asp?cate1=&cate2=&cate3=&pid=1026

Maybe it was just the LED behaviour that I was remembering. I certainly remembered reading about the 2mm pitch vs 2.54 pitch in the 810/811, but can’t find a ref I found beforehand about 811/812 differences.

[ as an aside: the main reason I ask is that I have several 812’s sitting here, another $40 saved if i can reuse :slight_smile: ]

Changing the board at this point would cost us thousand of dollars :slight_smile: