FEZ Panda pictures

So you want o see it? Keep in mind that this is NOT the final design. We had a lot of great feedback and we will be studying them to give our users the ultimate economical FEZ.

For those who talk about hand soldering always, this is 100% hand soldered!

We will finalize the design in 2 weeks and let you guys know what we come up with.

Looks great, Gus!

Ship IT :>

This is indeed hand soldered. ;D

Holy crap Gus, sorry to use such words, but I LOVE the design. I see a board and all I see is:

IO’s IO’s IO’s IO’s IO’s IO’s IO’s IO’s IO’s

Ship it to me please! :smiley:

Did you guys like the idea of having a row at the edge to add the optional microSD expansion?
This way you don’t lose the File System feature.

This is what Joe is talking about…

SD expansion looks good! It’s a nice feature to be able to expand it like that.

There is also the SD shield.

SD shield won’t work! Those use SPI bus for SD card…very bad! We have a dedicated 4-bit bus just for SD/MMC.

Take a look at the Domino schematics

The Panda does not have SPI support? If it does, I do not understand the deticated pins. If not using the shield then the SPI pins and data buss pins are available for other use.

It has 2 SPI, see this http://www.tinyclr.com/compare/

SD cards work on SPI (bad 1-bit) or real SD-bus (good 4-bits). We use a dedicated SD interface with 4-bit interface.

See transfer modes here

I have seen the light! Or I know a BIT more now than I did before.

That is a some serious hand soldering … awesome work.

Looks very good Gus, i love it almost :wink:

My a suggest 3 thinks?

1.) i see on pin with nc (not connected) is it possible to connect the 5v or the vbat pin to it?
i have alway to less power pins to connect to extended projects.
2.) is it possible switch the LDR and the RST button, i think the RST button is more used then the LDR button. And so you can easily press the RST when you have multiple shields on top of the panda.
3) what i really love to see is a second row of pins inside to Arduino pins layout. so i can connect multiple thinks on the same pin :wink:

thanks for your great work anyway


I will repeat… SHIP IT!

Seriously though it looks great. Should be a nice addition.

What is your address? I will ship it overnight :smiley: I am just kidding…LOL

A W5100 on board (soldered or not) would make the difference between arduino and this board. Assume that this chip driver will be integrated in a library for the FEZ. Everything on 1 pcb the size of the domino. I Never heard anybody complaining about the size of the arduino. If we could foresee PoE (Power over ethernet) by just using 4 wires of the utp cable.

=> The purpose is to get a system that has one connection to the other world for communication and power.

I believe that soldering is a problem for some people. Maybe you can offer the kit soldered, not or semi. In that case we save on the expensive (no chinese) hour rate of the people soldering.

I think :

domino size = arduino size
domino features (amount of io, spi, uart,…) >>>>>>>>>> arduino features
(domino + W5100) price <<<<< arduino + ethernet shield

Just my 5 cents.

Look wonderful!
Love to have one right now.

You guys must have a very, very steady hand, in order to do such a very small thight soldering spots. I bow for you, :slight_smile: master!!

I do not think that soldering on this board is an issue.

I have soldered many headers on to Arduino shields with no problems. Doing headers are easy compared to surface mount components.

I have eyesight issues up close, so I have to wear glasses. But, if I can do it anyone who knows how to solder can do it.

Looking fine !

I would be fine with soldering headers onto that board - while it’s small, there seems to be enough room around it to not be an issue. Assume there’s solder pads on the rear of the board too?

I love the idea of routing the SD card pinouts for a dedicated spot - but it might change the footprint (not a big issue for me). Personally I think SD is almost one of the things I wouldn’t give in on and remove (the “put it back” option isn’t pretty), but it’s about $$ and understand the decision.

Have to say you guys are freakin amazing soldering that fine pitch CPU. Practice makes perfect I guess :slight_smile: