Fez mini break out board

Can it be made possible to buy the break out board in the mini kit separately. It might even be nice to be able to buy the break out board on the robot separately.

I think you’re basically talking about the Panda, unless you don’t want USB and the power regs.

No i am talking about the board they sell with the mini starter kit being sold separately.

Ah, I see. You want that interface board thing.

yeah would be cool if i could get my hands on one for my mini.

FEZ Mini = BS2 pinout

Search the web for “Board of Education” made for BS2

Yeah i have that on a boe bot. But i was hoping to get the nicer design ghi made for it.

LOL. If I bring up a new board idea to the guys they will literally kill me! By the way, GHI started the whole FEZ thing 6 months ago! All was made from scratch docs, website, forum, support, marketing, planning, boards, boards, boards :dance: This is very exciting 8)

We are extremely extremely busy and pressured because of the huge load but the results are outstanding really. I haven’t even mentioned the other things GHi is looking into!!! Did I say 9" display!!! no I didn’t :wink:

Gus you guys already designed it. Its part of the the mini starter kit. I just cant buy it separately. http://www.tinyclr.com/images/products/TCLR-0004_large.jpg

Oh! that is what you need?

Yeah the board it plugs into. In that picture. Nothing new just want to spend money and you wont let me :smiley:

I also want the board on top of the robot but that is way to kit based to think you would do that for little me.

Please place on order for an LED (and other components you need) and put in your order comments that you spoke to Gus and this is a free board for the Mini you already own!

How is that? :slight_smile:

that would be awesome. Will put in the order tomorrow. gonna get a couple of those radios you have.

Radios? WIFI or BT?

A couple Nordics. Since i have enough fez’s to plug them into. Maybe do some work on the driver. The wifi interests me for the cobra. Can we plug in multiple Uext devices.

I see.

I’m going to do a wireless component of my RC car project, so I might get the same modules. I was going to go XBee, but I could always be more adventures and try the Nordics.

Yeah i have xbees laying around too. I want to do it to see how they work and because i might as well :>

Got some xbees on order, gonna try them out too. Bought the pro 60mW version. ::slight_smile:

Nice. I am only planning on the 1mv versions. Even that’s more range than I need.

yes, but why buy something which fits your needs now, but might not in the future?
Those few dollars more should not hold you back from buying the most powerful one.