Fez mini break out board

power consumption.

True, but the device does not draw extreme currents… :stuck_out_tongue:

35-45 vs 205-220. 5-6 times the amount depending mode. If its plugged into the wall then it doesn’t really matter. Give you a idea the more powerful xbees use the same consumption as your cobra board. I have both types of xbees but always opt for lower consumption to begin with. Maybe cause i am lazy and i don’t like recharging batterys to often either.

GUS order placed thanks.


Just want to let you know. I do like this interface board it has lots of things builtin on it like: LEDs, switches, servo ports, motor ports, female JST ports, etc. Just be warn that when you plug fez-mini into this interface board, you will have no PWM pins left to play with. I ran into this issue when trying to wire the ESC that comes with TRAXX RC and it was not working. You can convert digital pins to PWM using OC, but for the ESC mentioned I could never get it to work right.

Was planning to use the servo ports as my pwm drivers. I get what your getting at though.

Yeah, be very careful if you want to use OC for an ESC or a high precision servo. Not to bash OC, but the signal just isn’t stable enough for those uses. You need a real PWM pin as Hai points out.

yeah the mini has 5 pwm ports one of the motor plugs or servo plugs has to be one.

The “breakout” board that you are talking about is used in the robot kit to control the motors, yes? So then you could look in the robot sample code to see what PWM pins are used for.

Thanks Gus got it today. Now i can mount my mini nicely.