FEZ Mammoth, a teaser!

There has been some requests from the community to offer a FEZ with ChipworkX module. There is no decision yet on availability but an important customer wanted few and so we made few!

Here is a teaser picture of the board. Please comment back and tell GHI how you would like your “FEZ Mammoth” to look like, size/options/configuration/price…etc. I hope you are not going to ask for arduino-compatible 200Mhz board :open_mouth:

I’ll take one!!! ;D

Same here! ;D

I like!!!

This is the kind of thing I have wanted all along and I’d love to get my hands on it. My CWX dev board has kinda gone south :frowning:

Gus, that looks great. Are the USB ports brought out to headers somewhere? Would it be advantageous in some cases to have the headers on the board so that the USB connectors could be on a cable for mounting in other configurations? i don’t know - just asking. I like the Com port headers.

Yep, this is what I need. Count me in for a couple (50+) when my project gets a Go-status…

All I need is a wifi expansion…

This is like a super muscled cobra :o

Would using a USB cable extender solve this?

Looks great :slight_smile:

I want! :o

You got the low end cornered, now lets get cracking on the higher end products.


Awesome, I like it. Does it come in red? :wink:

With the USB headers, I was thinking of something like the headers on a motherboard for front panel USB ports. Something like this:

Very interesting!

+1 on the wifi… i know something is already in the works.

Is that the Cobra enclosure with 4.3" display?

Yes it is the same enclosure

I like this board a lot! At the moment the FEZ Cobra is working fantastic but I will keep this in mind if I need it!


I second the motion that GHI has the low end sufficiently covered; we need more power!

Because the Cobra is to slow for Microsoft.SPOT.Presentation and the 7 Display (800x480), I hope I can use the same Display on Mammoth.

Personally i would like to see at least two offerings. a larger one like i see in the photo and then a striped down with just Ethernet, USB client & host, SD card socket & LCD FPC socket.

To many times manuf. get to carried away on demo kits. They put every light bell whistle on the board at it grows to the size of my table and cost a fortune. I want to get me feet wet with the smaller one first.

More PWM.

If it is not too late. Having POE would make a big difference!