FEZ Mammoth, a teaser!

I personally haven’t seen the need for a FEZ with PoE and some the guys here do not agree with me. Why would using PoE on a FEZ make a big difference to you?

It did recently. It was a decision between

Fez + Ethernet Shield + running Ethernet cable + power cable
New Arduino Ethernet with POE + running just Ethernet cable.

I was pushing FEZ solution,but having everything on the board and running just one Ethernet cable was hard to argue with.

It is in-house security system with 12+ boards spread all over the building.

You could also build your own PoE extractor :slight_smile:


Or use one of these:

Again, one extra component versus having it built-in.

Any news on the fez mammoth? Is there a way to order it or have some kind of production facility for it?

If you need volume, please contact GHI directly.

Will board be avalible for low volume ordering?

Future maybe

Would that board have any advantage over the normal CWX dev board?

Will you be publishing the Eagle layout like you did with the other FEZ modules?

This board is not a standard product as of now and so I can’t answer

Ok, thanks. I will do that. Can you provide me a specific email address our can I use the one mentioned on the website?

One is website is good

Yes, GUS please produce a Fez of the chipworks module. I really want to be able to swap out modules from a environment to environment.

Any news on this thing?

If it won’t be produced as a regular product maybe you can release the schematics so that people interested can have their own boards made.

Maybe you could also check if the LCD can be connected in the same way as the 9261-ek board from Atmel. That way Linux would work out of the box without all those LCD problems I’ve been fighting with for a while now… :slight_smile:

P.S. I wouldn’t mind if it would be possible to directly connect Arduino shields on the board, like my CAN shield I’m currently trying to make work with the CWX :slight_smile:

Oh and if you could add some voltage converters to make the IO pins 5V tolerant that would be awesome as well. Not necessarily all of them but at least the most common bus pins like SPI and I2C.