FEZ Hydracade

Did anyone notice a new kit was released in the store yesterday?

FEZ Hydra Kiosk Kit + 2 sheets of plywood = HYDRACADE

Wanna play Pacman?

or maybe RallyX?

Before you can place your order and get the parts in the mail, I’ll have the build instructions finished up and on the wiki for everyone to create their own. Join in on the fun!

Let the Hydra arcade revolution begin!

Many thanks to taylorza for porting the Pacman & RallyX games to NETMF. Many thanks to Skewworks for creating the marquee graphics.

This project is just beginning. Very soon I’ll be adding a demo of the sound capabilities of the music module (included in the kit) and many other enhancements are coming over the next several months.


@ ianlee74 - top effort fella

@ ianlee74 - Do I see another ‘Hack a Day’ billing on the horizon for you! The unit looks great and the marquee is an awesome finish, well done Mr. Skewworks.

That would be cool but I have my doubts. Arcades have been done many times. Perhaps they’ll recognize that this one is “special” :wink:

Indeed! And it will look even better today after I pick up a professionally printed version of it that will not have the seams you see in my taped together sheets of paper :smiley:

Awe & Some!

Nice job.

The platform (for lack of a better term) looks big enough for a second set of controls :wink:

Yes! Next-up two player Mortal Combat :slight_smile:

Now that will be cool and bring back a few memories of miss spent youth!

I call it the control panel. Yep, next up is a second set of controls. That’s why the controls now are offset to the left. :smiley:

I’ve got a video out and a couple of joysticks at home. Perhaps it’s time for me to create a couple of 2 player games

Start with Pong like game. :wink:

More games please :slight_smile:

Perfectly done Ian. Here it is on the community showcase http://www.tinyclr.com/forum/topic?id=9811

@ ianlee74 -

Can you please post more pictures, side and back too.

I’m thinking I might work with Ian to do a 2 player that supports LAN/WAN multiplay :wink:

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Looks like I didn’t take any yet of the finished product. Here’s one of it in progress. I’ll post more to the showcase thread tonight of the finished product.

That would be awesome! Since I’ve never actually written a video game, I was thinking two-player pong would be my first attempt. LAN pong would be even better!

Too easy. How about an interstate game of Battleship? :slight_smile:

Oooh! Now that would be fun online. Not so much as a side-by-side two player on the arcade :wink:

I dunno…some of the polarized privacy shields can do amazing stuff for defeating off-angle viewing. Set one up on each side of the screen so each player can only see what’s exactly on-axis, and you’re good to go. :slight_smile:

I added some back and side pics to the main post. Also, pic #4 shows Skewworks’ marquee printed on a single sheet of paper w/o the seams and w/o the backlighting to show better what it really looks like.