FEZ Hydra with some sensors and motor

Hi Guys, im looking for a good cheap external power supply for my hydra . Now i have an
Battery Holder with 4x AA Batteries but even when i put new Batteries , i can see they not provide
the Hydra with enough power , ( Motor is very slow , HCSR04 not responding correctly … )
With an external Power Suply it works perfectly !

Did you guys know which batteries, providing enough power ?
Is one 9V battery enough ?


can this batteries provide the Robot with enough power ?

@ shia313 - How do you have the batteries connected to the Hydra?

by an 4x AA Battery - Holder which i connect to an motor controller board with an DC- Input
https://cdn.sparkfun.com//assets/parts/3/8/9/9/09835-01a.jpg this is exactly my Battery Holder

@ shia313 - Do you connect this battery to a power module that connects to the Hydra?

Yes here is an photo

@ shia313 - Ok, thats clear. The batteries as mentioned in your second post should work. Remember that the voltage regulator at the DP modules needs a minimum of 4.5 volt input to have a 3.3Volt output for the Hydra.

! SO the Panasonic will work 100% ?

Did you ever measured the power consumption and voltage at the battries when your system is running.
I just realize that the panasonic you mentioned are MI-MH batteries which are 1.2V output against 1.5 volt for a normal battery. So with full batteries you just have 4.8 Volt. This voltage will drop when you consumed some power and you quickly reach the critical level of 4.5 volt.
You could use Alkaline batteries or add an extra block of 4 NI-MH batteries in series with the other which gives you a total of 9.6 volt.

or something like this [url]http://www.banggood.com/15-DJ02-Spare-9_6V-800mAh-Battery-for-9115-RC-Monster-Truck-p-970929.html[/url]

Never measured the power consumption. But when i use normal 4aa Alkali Batteries the motor is horrible slow , and the Sensor sometimes dont work .

What is the voltage / max current of your power adapter?

i think 5V ,

if i only have 4,8 V and my Sensor HC-Sr04 use 5V , will it not work anymore ?

Guess 5V? Make sure you know otherwise its difficult to say why batteries wont work…

Yes, that’s is likely

i read about minimum 4,5 Volt

what is the solution ? How can i provide enough power , the akku packs you mentioned , how i recharge them and how i connect them ?

you could use a DP module [url]https://www.ghielectronics.com/catalog/product/280[/url] You connect the accu straight to the barrel connector. You have 800mA for 5V and 800mA for 3.3 Volt.

I can’t really advice on a charger, but you could look around at RC websites. You could also take 2 single LiPo cells for example [url]http://www.banggood.com/2PCS-MECO-3_7v-3000mAh-Rechargeable-18650-Li-ion-Battery-p-990892.html[/url] 3,7 volt each and use such a charger [url]http://www.banggood.com/26650-18650-145000-Smart-Double-Battery-Charger-Plug-p-920456.html[/url]

only two of the PCS 18650 are enough ?

if i buy two of

this Batteries will it work ?

2 should work but 3 is better.