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Fez Hydra on Linux



I’m following this howto -->
and am having trouble with session U-Boot.
File at91sam9rl_devices.c not have this snippet of code:

In this part:

8.Edit the CPU initialization code

gedit u-boot-2011.09/arch/arm/cpu/arm926ejs/at91/at91sam9rl_devices.c

Add the Following code to the end of the file


at91_mci_hw_init void (void)
at91_set_a_periph (AT91_PIO_PORTA, 8, PUP) / * MCCK * /


at91_set_b_periph (AT91_PIO_PORTA, 1, PUP) / * MCCDB * /
at91_set_b_periph (AT91_PIO_PORTA, 0, PUP) / * MCDB0 * /
at91_set_b_periph (AT91_PIO_PORTA, 5, PUP) / * MCDB1 * /
at91_set_b_periph (AT91_PIO_PORTA, 4, PUP) / * MCDB2 * /
at91_set_b_periph (AT91_PIO_PORTA, 3, PUP) / * MCDB3 * /


at91_set_a_periph (AT91_PIO_PORTA, 7, PUP) / * MCCDA * /
at91_set_a_periph (AT91_PIO_PORTA, 6, PUP) / * MCDA0 * /
at91_set_a_periph (AT91_PIO_PORTA, 9, PUP) / * MCDA1 * /
at91_set_a_periph (AT91_PIO_PORTA, 10, PUP) / * MCDA2 * /
at91_set_a_periph (AT91_PIO_PORTA, 11, PUP) / * MCDA3 * /




PROBLEM —> Search for ‘/ * CONFIG_SYS_USE_NANDFLASH * /’ and edit to




I dont have access to my Linux system right now. Will reply in a day or two.



I will perform some tests and await your response


Hi There

Yes something is messed up with the text there, I have edited the blog to include the correct step #9

You have to edit






I followed the steps as mentioned in Web page (, got everything compiled and put on MicroSD card ( 2 GByte) , when I boot hydra by connecting to USB port ,and connecting a Serial module to hydra, I get


I am not getting linux or uboot prompt.

what could be wrong here



That is the Atmel boot ROM that is masked into the chip. You board may not be booting from SD Card. Did you check if the board has started running NETMF from the dataflash at this time ? You can try to ping from MFDeploy.

Some options

1.How large is your BOOT partition on the SD Card ? 50 megs ? Did you format as FAT16 ?
2.Try using a shorter Gadgeteer cable for the SD module
3.Try with a different SD Card


I’m having the same problem …


i trying using the command on windows xp:

MFDeploy.exe Ping /i:Serial:3

but return…

Error: Not Supported


@ akmishra_99@ - provides the boot folder that you created for linux


@ Rajesh - provides the boot folder that you created for linux


@ Rajesh

this appears during the boot screen …

I made a partition of 50mb for boot and put the files:



this appears during the boot screen …

I made a partition of 50mb for boot and put the files:



Try to test using :


added the files in the BOOT partition and the message changed to:


I dont know if this helps, but I used a Rev 1.1 Hydra - are you using the same ? Did you try another SD Card ?


I’m using version 1.2 and already tested with other sd card.


@ Rajesh -

already done tests with 3 different sd card

two 2gb, microsd
and a 4g, and this is not supported


Let us try to isolate the problem

  1. 4GB card will not work, please use the 2Gig card
  2. Unplug LCD if connected (only connect Power module, SD module and Serial Module)
  3. Format the 50meg SD Card Boot partition on a Windows computer
  4. Copy only boot.bin to the BOOT partition
  5. Insert card into module and boot up
  6. Do you see an error message that u-boot is not found ?
  7. Copy u-boot.bin to the SD Card BOOT partition
  8. Reset Hydra
  9. Do you get a u-boot prompt ?


@ malconxx - As described here for inital booting from an SD card requires a card less than 2GB in size. Your 2GB card may not play nice with the Hydra, and your subsequent attempts may have failed due to a size issue.


@ James

Will it be possible for you to create a 50meg partition on a 2GB SDCard and copy the files that I uploaded to Code Share and boot a Hydra 1.2 rev board ? You will need a Serial module on Socket 5. Terminal connection to 115200.