FEZ Game-O, an open-source console

@ Gary - How about “Black in August” option?

@ Blue Hair Bob - Thank you! :slight_smile:

There’s no built-in way to do it, though - GHI would have to manually look at the pledge amounts and say “oh, they must want a tshirt, too.”

@ Architect - I will add it to my “stuff to talk about” list



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@ ddurant - For the time being, I will note that you wanted a t-shirt as well.

Wow… Am I needy today or what?

Thanks, Gary!

@ ddurant - No poblem, if we end up adding the combined reward I believe Kickstarter will let you change your pledge.

I want Gus to sign the bottom of mine in silver marker. :slight_smile:

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Me, too! :slight_smile:

You guys need to come visit us through the top pledge to get the signature :slight_smile:

Don’t think the CFO (aka my wife) will go for that. I don’t have authorization for expenditures over a few hundred without prior approval. :wink:

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It’s funny how the invitation to come visit the HQ used to be free but now it costs $1K… Next, he’ll be wanting us to subscribe to participate in the forum. :wink:

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@ ianlee74 - I was going to make a joke about a hotel room and dinner with Gus, but I realized that this was not something to joke about… :slight_smile:


Gary wants to buy a Ferrari, do not blame me for this :slight_smile:

Are the case designs going to be available in a way that can be 3D printed? I can already imagine wanting to build a custom back cover that adds room for specialized hardware.

Gus forgot to mention is was a model car and that I am going to “FEZ” it and call it “FEZerrari”

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@ ianlee74 - Let me check with our design team and see what they say.

•Bluetooth option (see below)

there is no Information about Bluetooth below :slight_smile:

@ Roman2 - This is on our list of product updates to talk about for the project, sorry the confusion.