FEZ Feather power supply

I would like to power the module with an external voltage ensuring that everything works correctly. From the website I read that an external 3V3 regulator is foreseen even if you want to power the WIFI correctly. In order to power the module with only the USB-C connection or with a separate power supply, it would be enough to connect the 3V3 regulator with:

  • input to the VBUS terminal
  • output on pin 3V3
  • clearly its ground to GND

In this way can I power the module both with the USB-C cable and with a voltage of 5V applied on the correct VBUS terminal? better not at the same time clearly.
I then read on the diagram that without connecting the lipo battery there would be a flashing LED … is this correct? how do i turn it off if so?
Many thanks

Yes your connections are fine.

The charge LED is connected to (and controlled by) the charging circuit. You do not have control over the charge LED.