FEZ Domino burning!

Hello everyone,

Does anybody can help me, I want to know if my FEZ Domino still works, how can I know that.
In fact, when I plug my Domino in USB, it begins to warm up and it does not work at all. Especially the interface for the SD Memory Card (it’s burning). May be it’s my program turning but I can’t erase it because I can’t communicate with the FEZ Domino.

But before it starts to warm up, the PWR_LD turns on for few seconds and then it turns off. So maybe it can be saved

thanks for your help

It seem damaged and those are not repairable since they are so cheapp. You can try to buy a new USBizi144 chipset and replace the one you hace…this REQUIRE experince in soldering.
Also note that it may not be the USBizi144 chip that went bad but 90% I would say yes.

The voltage regulators have thermal protection… they get so hot and so they shut of.

So better do not connect the power until deeply investigation :naughty:

Is it the blank board or have you connected one or more devices like LED’s or something?

Is it the first time that you use the board or have you use it before it burns?

Is there maybe a shortcut on the board? So check the bottom of the board for shortcuts

What is that for a program? I mean the rough function/

And is the board lying on a esd secure table? (or a wooden table, at least not iron or simillar)
What has happened that it gets hot now? Have you done something? What were you/the board doing before it started overheating?

Is there anything connected? Have you checked connecting a power supply instead of usb?

So many questions to answer. The most important is:
What have you done, what has happened.

This is actually good news for FEZ! We have sold thousands of FEZes and this is the first one to be reported have gone bad :smiley:

Good job GHI :clap:

But still, its really sad if you own the fez that was broken. :frowning:

I’m now scared. Can somebody tell me how I can make sure that my Fez won’t break before I pass my project? :smiley:

Is paper a good anti-ESD surface? Because I place my fez on a paper while programming.
I don’t use a ground strap but I always touch the case of my computer before touching the board.

Also, is it possible for a PROGRAM to break a FEZ? physically?

I do not think ESD had damaged your FEZ. Something was connected wrong.

ah, ok. BTW, my Fez is still good. :slight_smile: I just wish it won’t end up like what happened to the thread starter.

Does GHI do a 100% QC test on each FEZ? 1 reported bad FEZ is a good failure ratio, but there is always the potential of the % not QC tested to be a product ego bubble popper.

I tinker with my FEZ while watching TV and it is sitting on a table infront of my couch. ESD…I laugh at you for even think about damaging my Domino. Of course I do live in hot and humid Texas. I also use the one hand rule and hold the board at the edges. And what sort of ESD control is available for a FEZ Tank system rolling across the carpet to vanquish it’s foe?

I find ESD control is really needed only when handling the raw components if they are not internally protected. I’m sure this should stir up a nice ESD debate.

GHI work with big companies who rely a lot on GHI quality control. FEZ is just a small part of all teh work we do to make sure quality is top notch, just like the support we have :slight_smile:

Like I said, we have shipped thousands of FEZes and this is the only one to be reported gone bad. Not only good quality, also good product design that is reasonably tough to handle little hobbyist mistakes. Of course not every error can be handled so caution and knowledge is needed when connecting electronics, FEZ or anything else.

About ESD, I believed believed in it…just look at the SMT soldering video! I am using a regular iron and a cardboard! That is just me…ESD is proven to damage chips but I have yet to see this happen …nothing in 20 years (thousands of boards) and I am still waiting for it to happen :slight_smile:

Hi logictechs,

I’m sure you’ve already done this, but what happens when you try and update the firmware using the Terminal program?

Does it display as a serial port?
Can the firmware be updated?

It depends , but you shouldn’t use it for covering your soldering place or something like this

Here is the answer from an ESD specialzed website


[quote]We transport pcb assemblies in ESD trays, accompanied by an A4 paper document. What are your views of the possibility of ESD damage being caused by laying sheets of A4 paper over the assemblies?

Paper is a very variable material and can be highly insulating when dry. Documents can be highly charged, especially if they have just come out of a laser printer or copier! I recommend you don’t place paper documents inside ESD protective packaging with an ESD sensitive device, or bring them unprotected into the EPA. You can reduce any risk from charged documents by placing them within a dissipative ESD bag.

I also agree with Gus , that “normal hobbyist” handling of the pcb’s and electronic parts can damaged by ESD

I do not know why everyone starts discussing about ESD all of a sudden and I hope it’s not some kind of laughter to me?

Anyway, I asked for ESD to be sure that he is sure about the fact that there could not have been a short. (As I asked for any iron-like surface)

I am not asking for ESD in particular, just to make things clear. :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot guys, it’s really rare this FEZ Domino, yesterday it didn’t work at all , but this morning it’s starting to work without warm. O_o. I don’t do anything at all

I just change the table of work. But the two table have anti static protection so I don’t know. But I want to know why my FEZ warm up like this. anyway It’s not normal .

In fact I’m doing a prototype for wireless communication so I use 2 UARTX pins, 4 Digital Output Ports, the SD Card Device and 1 Interrupt port.

Maybe it’s because I worked with FEZ 4 hours without rest. So this is the big question, Does FEZ Domino can support 16h and 5 days of work per week, having only the hibernate mode to rest?

Because my project needs to work all the day decoding the NMEA packets, and making many calculations

Does that mean we have zero FEZ that has gone bad so far? :dance:

You said it is getting hot and the led shuts off! This is what threw me off!

What is the voltage you have on the board and what shields and other devices are powered from the same domino?

FEZ works for hours. I have had my Cobra on for like 30-40 hours to help chris with a error and there was no heat at all.

My domino works flawless for hours too, so that’s not the cause.

You said you changed tables. Could it have been possible that you have made a short?

What I power with the same Domino is a WiFi module, a relay, two more LEDs and a GPS module. The voltage is 3,28 .
the Gps needs 3,3 V and 75mA,
the Wifi needs 3,3 V and 45 mA (low power mode) and 70mA (normally)
and then I have the SD Card Memory too

I think, I shouldn’t have problems with the power

How are you powering Domino?

I’m powering Domino by USB to my computer, and then I use a battery of 12V (but I haven’t try yet, I’m afraid it could explose =s)

so your source is 5V (USB) and you are drawing about 400mA…all seem good! I do not know why you had a problem!