F1 help inside VS2010 for GHI and MF(Calling Gus or Wiki Admin) :)

I have magled the help files for both GHI and MF into a form that can be imported into the VS2010 help system. This gives you F1 help for both GHI specific functions and MF in general.

The font is a bit small on the GHI help file, but if you change the display font size(in Microsoft Help Viewer settings, if SP1 for VS2010 is installed) then it is fine.

It’s a 19MB zip file that must be extracted anywhere.

To import:
In VS2010 click Help, Manage Help Settings.
In Help Library Manager, click Install content from disk, find extracted files, click on “helpcontentsetup.msha” and click next. You will see content that you can “add”.

The real question, if people are interested, then where can I upload the zip to… :slight_smile:

Add a page in the wiki with instructions and there you can include the zip file.

I would definitely give it a look.

@ Errol. Great, thanks!
I would like to have it. As Eric said, Wiki is the place.

Busy adding to wiki… :slight_smile:

Will post the link when i’m done.

Hmmm, max wiki file size is 10MB…

Sweet! Nice job. Maybe a wikiadmin@ GHI can get you past the size limit.

split it up :wink:

So how do I contact wikiadmin@ GHI? :slight_smile:

Having trouble uploading the first 9MB file.

Sorry for the confusion. There is no such contact. I just used that as shorthand for somebody (Gus, Josh, et al) at GHI that can probably help you out. BTW - this is only speculation.

If nothing else I can host it on my website and you can link to it. Just let me know and I’ll create an FTP account so you can upload it.

Placed it on my site, but my line is slow, so Guss or someone will have to move it to the wiki, or someone will have to mirror it, like Jeff… :slight_smile:

There isn’t really a category for this, I think it must be in the side bar, but I don’t have permission to edit the side bar.


Is it possible to use this if VS2010 is configured to use online help? I’ve imported the help with help still configured to use online help and it’s not working. I tried turning off the online help and set it to local help and now I’m getting no help at all. It seems that I may need to do a reinstall of VS and tell it from the beginning to use local help in order for this to work. Any ideas?

Hmm, I was wondering about this my self. I have set up my help quite a while ago to use local help.

So then I take it that you must set it up for local help access. I think, before SP1, there was an option to use local help, if help not found then use online help. But I don’t see that option with SP1 anymore.

If you installed from DVD then you can follow the same procedure as i wrote on my wiki page, but browse to the DVD, there is a Documents folder, or something, then you can select what you want to install for local help.

If you didn’t install from DVD then you can follow the same procedure, but select to install from online source in stead of local source, then all help files will be downloaded.

You say that you changed to local help and now you don’t have any help. Do you at least have MF help?

I tested on my PC.

With VS2010 SP1 installed.

With online help selected.

For normal .NET help it does go online via Internet Explorer.

For MF or GHI help it opens in Microsoft Help Viewer.

Thus everything should work. Full stop…

I just mirrored the file on my website, Wiki updated with link. It will download a LOT faster from there. :slight_smile:

I also found out you have to run VS2010 as administrator to install the help files. I added note about this on the Wiki as well.

It seems that none of the help (online or offline) is working on the machine I was using. So, I’m going to reinstall VS2010 and suspect the problem will be fixed.

@ Jeff: Thanks. :slight_smile:

This isn’t working for anybody?

I see that I used the old GHI help files from the previous release. I have rebuilt them for the new help files, but if it doesn’t work for anybody else then i’m not going to bother uploading them.

Works just fine for me on two diffrent PCs…

Let me know when you upload the new files and I’ll copy them over to my site as well.

@ Jeff: Updated… Thanks… :slight_smile:

I did notice something strange though. It the Help, GHI’s Namespace now appear twice.

I think you need to remove the old version before installing the new one. Seemed to work for me anyhow.

I updated the version on my website as well.