Double unread posts

New Forum :slight_smile:

I notice though that all unread pots are shown twice, once you read it is is only shown once. Using IE9

Using FF all ok here.

I’m also seeing some weirdness… Mark All Read just hung - didn’t seem to do anything but sit there. I’m also having to login every time, even when I poke the “stay logged in” checkbox.

Also IE9.

Well i’ll be damned, now i also have double posts showing

Yeah I see doubles :slight_smile:

time to put down the glass of whiskey guys… :slight_smile:

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I see a triple of this one !

I’m seeing the same thing. This will be fixed.

Just another peculiarity on this multiple unread… When I read one of the unread messages, and then go back in the browser, I end up with the other two items of the unread thread still showing up but showing no longer with the red “new posts” icon but just the light grey icon; then if I read a different post and go back, the initial “read” items seem to have disappeared. Edit: Actually, they don’t seem to disappear reliably, maybe it’s a timer job on the server side that is cleaning them up.

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I have not seen doubles, but when I first logon I do not see any unread messages. I have to go to the main forum, and there I see the red icon for unread messages. If I go to one, and then back to unread, the unread messages appear.

If I close the browser, when I reopen it, I get the logon screen, with my id and password populated. I have check keep me logged on for a month, but it does not seem to honoring my request. It used to work ok.

I am using Chrome.

Single posts are now appearing, but as Mike points out you have to go to the forum proper to have them displayed.

Login retention is not working either. Login page also doesn’t respect TAB key when you’re in the email field, a tab takes you to the address bar. (IE9)

I’m getting the double posts now. :frowning:

Congratulations on the new web sites. Great job!

I’m not seeing the double posts, but I am having the session timeout problem reported by Mike.
It keeps logging me out after about 10 or 20 minutes of inactivity… VERY annoying!

Your login should last 30 days now.

Thanks Josh.

I was expecting a response in the morning or even on Monday :slight_smile:

Don’t you guys ever sleep?

Yes, now when i close the browser and reopen it i I’m automaticaly logged in. The problem is that when i reopen the browser and type

I get a blank screen. If i type in

my account name is missing in top right position in menu.

double posts galore… cleared my local cache on Chrome with no change.

Double posts will be addressed soon. For now, when you view an unread message that has multiple entries it will delete all instances from your unread list.

Just had 20+ entries of the same posting appear on the unread page. And then everything worked fine?

Same here. It also showed that i have 10+ pages of unread messages.