Documentation and/or sample code for the Gadgeteer Propeller Module 1.1 PRPLR-GM-453?

One of these was included in the large box of discontinued modules awhile back, and I recall seeing a demonstration video about it, but I was wondering if there is some documentation and/or sample code. I searched the forum, documents, and codeshare, but didn’t see any info on it.


Only thing I was able to find was this:

I’m not sure whether the Propeller module was ever released, so I’m not surprised at the lack of docs. But perhaps someone else has something…or suggestions.

It was never released. @ Architect I believe had some code for it, if not I will see what I can find in the vault.

Nope. That was not me.

@ Architect - I thought if I called you out, you would hurry up and whip out some code! :wink:


Everything is possible. ;D

What is that thing? A fly-swatter module?

No, seriously…was it for a physical “Propeller” as in helicopter, or a “Propeller” as in some sort of interface to use a Parallax Propeller module, like: Propeller 1 Chip - 44-Pin QFP Chip - Parallax

I cant tell from the shape!

@ mtylerjr - The module was designed to be mounted on the shaft of a motor, and spun, with LEDs on the skinny part, allowing the creation of POV (persistence of vision) effects.

Something like this, but on a smaller scale:

persistence of vision attachment to go on an actual motor, and spin like a propeller, hence the name…
edit: snap. @ devhammer wins

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Every day I seem to discover some previously available/almost available awesome gadgeteer module that has been relegated to the dustbin of history…

Why do these things get abandoned?

This one was never in catalog on its own.

@ mtylerjr - GHI is a business. If a given module doesn’t sell, our if there’s a strong likelihood that it won’t, then it doesn’t make sense to produce it.

As cool as POV is, there’s probably a very limited market for something like this. And if you can’t make it in high quantities, it’s tough to keep it cheap.

The above is my take, based on having built a module of my own, and extrapolating. Not speaking for GHI, just offering some reasons why I might make those decisions, if I were in their shoes. :wink:

Consider yourself very lucky to have one. Most of us never had that opportunity :wink:

Brett’s pay it forward moment. Convince me you’ll use it @ mtylerjr and I’ll ship mine to you, Sydney to NZ.


I didn’t mean to sound whingy.

I just keep coming across these discontinued modules that look interesting.

I’d be keen on ordering several that are no longer available.

I didn’t take it that way, but given you’re relatively new (still - or should that be just) I suspect people weren’t clear if you were really wanting to know why stuff like this one isn’t still around or if you were just joking around

PM me what you’re interested in. I have - ahem - a few surplus to current/foreseeable requirements that I may be able to gift on to you. (looks around, hopes SWMBO doesn’t lurk here checking my posts - admitting I have a module problem is the first step toward recovery dear, honest, not the first step to clearing space to buy more modules you won’t ever need to know about :whistle:

@ GHI -

It’s sounding like no one has any documentation, a driver, or a sample application for the Propeller module [PRPLR-GM-453]?

I do a lot of teaching and speaking at conferences, code camps, user groups, college classes, etc., and this would potentially make a great demonstration (e.g., a custom persistence-of-vision “welcome” message targeted specifically for the audience).

It’s an XY* module, and if there isn’t already a driver for it, I could probably write a driver if I had some documentation on it. Of course, I would share the code.

I, too, miss some of the discontinued modules, but understand the economics of these decisions. (If someone has a music module [MUSIC-GM-317] they don’t want anymore, I’d be interested.)

There is one remaining in stock in germany:

I almost bought it myself, but shipping was 42 Euros (What’s your problem, Walterott?) :frowning:
Then I also remembered I was broke.

They have a trove of discontinued modules that I want. Here was my “I know Im not really going to order, but just to pretend” shopping cart:

It might be cheaper for someone in Europe…

Also, I ended up using this instead of the Gadgeteer music module (since I couldnt find one)

@ mtylerjr -

Thanks for the suggestions.

On the Watterott site, I discovered that me three weeks of high school German didn’t get me very far, and couldn’t find a way see English prompts. I’ll have to break out my translation dictionary.

The module at the dx site looks good, but it appears that you have to preload the files to the onboard card and play back from there (unlike the GHI music module that lets you send the data from another storage device or network). I may have misinterpreted the docs, so please correct me if I did.

DFRobot has a similar (although more expensive) MP3 module that requires the preloading of files on its local storage card.