Documentation and/or sample code for the Gadgeteer Propeller Module 1.1 PRPLR-GM-453?

You can click on the tiny british flag at the top the waterott site to switch to english.

That dfrobot module is also discontinued and even harder to find…

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@ mtylerjr -

Yes, I tried clicking the British flag, and got a form to fill out, completely in German. Turns out I did this while viewing the shopping cart, not while viewing the item. So, the flag works, but not from the shopping cart page…at least on my browser.

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Ah, I missed the “discontinued” statement on the DFRobot product page.

Did anyone find or create a driver for the Propeller module ?

Unfortunately not. It was masse for a contest that was never started.

You wouldn’t happen to have a code snippet to light up a single LED? I could probably figure out the rest :smiley:

@ andre.m Great! Thank You :slight_smile:


Hate to resurrect an old thread like this, do y’all have or would be willing to share the schematics, design files, and/or embedded project for the propeller module?
Anything would be much appreciated.