Do we need a FEZ related version of this?

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Nice, is it to firm and tone middle aged engineer saggy arse symdrone?

nice :slight_smile:

Of course, this product would be for the hardware guys/gals only.

I like these one better

Let’s petition Gus to sell FEZ-branded Chuck Taylor All-Stars. Red, with the FEZ Monkey in place of the star logo. :slight_smile:

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I think I’ve got the top model !

And also found possible fez spider (see attaches image)


Now the ones Architect showed are nice.

@ LouisCpro - wow so we are not the first to make a “spider” circuit :slight_smile:

@ Gus - It seems ! But not sure if it has the same added value :slight_smile:

@ Michael - You’re right…much more confortable !

Might I be so bold as to suggest adding a nice quality Fez to the catalog as I’m in the market for one. Bonus points if it resembles a Shriner Fez, except with a rhinestone encrusted Monkey broach and ‘Gadgeteer’ over said monkey and ‘Module Junkie’ under. I’m sure the photoshop gang can whip up some suitable prototypes. Extra bonus points for matching Tassel Holder.

I want one of those spiders! Tried searching for it via the watermark on the image - you have a link by chance? has the nicest FEZes I’ve seen… not that I’ve looked around a lot. They do custom embroidery, and have also been vetted by Wil Wheaton. The Winged Monkey looks like a good starting point.

Good find!

How about “code monkey”?

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@ stevepresley - Here’s the beast :

…with some other creation from Steven RODRIG !!!

I don’t even know how and whee to buy, but I gues this will be much more expensive than a FEZ !

awesome! I found his site. I like the blue one too!

Sent him an email to find out if he sells them, or how much he would charge to commission either a spider or a Data Monkey :wink:

OK so question time, if I could convince the guys at fez-o-rama to do a special fez run for us, who would be interested in getting one or two? If Gus would let us use the GHI Monkey and we have ‘Gadgeteer’ embroidered over the top in Shriner fashion we could have something worth buying.

I am interested in couple!

I would go for one. My vote is for monkey only with no text. There are other FEZ boards, at least the last time I looked. I’ll have to check on hat sizes. After reading through their guidelines for sizing, it seems the only do fathead (4XL or 5XL) sizes for designs currently in production. One size does NOT fit all :slight_smile: