Differences between SCM-20260N-B and SCM-20260N-C

Hi guys.

We have finished our new product development based on SCM-20260N.

During prototype phase we assembled with “SCM-20260N Rev B”, and now we are going to Production phase. But when we take a look in Digikey and Mouser we can see SCM-20260N-B and SCM-20260N-C part numbers (both with the same price).

We don`t want to take any risk, so if somebody can clarify this for us, we will really appreciate.

Thanks in advance.

Where do you see this part?

The B was only for insider preview and we only shipped C to distributors. You should only be using C. If you see B anywhere then that is an error and needs to be corrected. Please point it out.

Hi Gus, thanks for you reply.

Here it is: https://www.mouser.cl/ProductDetail/GHI-Electronics/SCM-20260N-B?qs=sGAEpiMZZMu3sxpa5v1qrgqRbH4gaXhhcRWVF8a3TJE%3D

and it seems thay have 66 units right now…

So what is your short answer? do we need to purchase “SCM-20260N-C”??

Thanks in advance.

We believe Mouser’s part number is incorrect. As Gus mentioned we only shipped RevB to early insiders. But before ordering let us verify everything on our end, that it is indeed the case.

Thank you Greg for your reply.

Just in case I don`t have an answer by tomorrow, is it secure to buy them from Digikey? (Part number is the one suggested by Gus). I ask you because we have customers waiting for us.

Thanks in advance.

Anywhere in buy, you will receive the same modules.

I have 2 SCM20260N modules here from Mouser and they are Rev C.

On the outer Mouser packaging it shows that the manufacturer part is SCM-20260-N-C but the mouser part number is 958-SCM-20260N-B so it looks like Mouser have give it the wrong stock part number but the manufacturer number is correct and matches with the 2 modules I receive about 10 days ago.


Hi Dave.

Thanks for your feedback, now it`s clear for us.

Best Regards.

One last question to @Gus_Issa

Given that we developed our product based on SCM20260-B (Insiders only), is there any hardware difference between B and C? will run the same code without issues?

Thanks in advance.

No significant changes but you should develop based on live documentation always.