Cursor on LCD

Is there a way to enable a cursor so I can use a mouse

I see Cursor.Cursor1 and Cursor.Cursor2

How do I enable it

What are we talking about exactly? I am confused

I am porting the G120 code I have to this new module SCM20260N .
I have this below code in cases my customer cannot use the touch screen and have to use a mouse.

 private static void MouseConnected(object sender, Mouse mouse)
             mouse.ButtonChanged += mouse_ButtonChanged;
             mouse.CursorMoved += mouse_CursorMoved;

I am looking for an equivalent on SCM20260N and found Cursor.Cursor1 - but not clear on how to use it

You can take a look on USBClient: USB Client (

It is a bit different.

I am trying to have a mouse working on the USB host.
The example is simulating a mouse(USB device) to a PC

in case anyone doesn’t quite understand the request here’s what I understood…

It requires USB Host so that an attached mouse can be presented to the device…
It then requires the mouse to be “connected” to a mouse pointer / cursor that is displayed on the screen, so that the user can see what they’re moving to.

Can you just add a pointer as an Image and move it around with the mouse.CursorMoved event?

Could you please tell me the asm of Cursor class (the one has cursor_On() method)?

TinyCLR and NetMF has Cursor1 and 2 but they are enum and relates to Joystick.

I am confused……