CP7 display replacement

We were not able to get the exact same size glass but the display is very close. We are still trying to see if there are closer options but so far it is going to be this one. It is a shame, I really love the CP7 display.

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What size is that?

Will it have a bezel with additional controls like the CP7?

Gus, the Touch Revolution 7" display looks a lot closer to your CP7 than this one does but the price I think is higher. It does not have the access to the extra buttons though.

I have it working on an Olimex A20 and it works great. I think it will work with NETMF except that the touch drivers would need some work.

I am looking to consider the latest 7" from Newhaven but I also found a 1280 x 800 display (albeit LVDS input) that I am seriously considering. Not sure of G400 can support this resolution?

I’d love to find an AMOLED display that was reasonably priced and available for some time.

As you have discovered, LCD’s tend to come and go especially if they are aimed at commercial markets like tablets and phones which short life spans.

Cap touch is so much better than resistive and I am a convert to them now since I got the 5" LCD display works (thanks Simon) :slight_smile:

Hey Gus,

Sorry to hear about the discontinued CP7 display. Loved it too!

Would it be possible to omit the Gadgeteer G on the front of the new bezel?

Furthermore i realized that the rounded corners of the “current” bezel are not quarter circles.
Would you please provide the arcs in the dimension pdf, once the new CP7 is out?

Thx! Looking forwarding seeing the next CP7 soon on your page.


Could you tell me when will the new 7" display be available in your Catalog?


That’s a GHI “G” or perhaps just a Gus “G” :wink:


I am looking forward a good Touch Display minimum 5". I would really loved the CP7 but this device is no longer produced.

What is your suggestion? I have found Dave’s 5" touch display on Creations but it is no longer supported.

Does GHI planning to release a new “CP7”? If it does, may I ask when?

I am stuck to T43. It is very cool, but I would like higher resolution and size.

Thank you very much for your reply,

has anyone tried to use a standard cheap Windows 8 Tablet and connected to a NETMF Device like the IoT DX Blue through the Blue tooth smart and voila create a windows 8 beautiful interface to control your board!

Wouldn’t that work just as well? and some of those tablets cost less than $200.


Hello Jay Jay,

As far as I know, the GHI has stopped the BlueTooth module distribution. The solution that u recommend is a kind of headless system.

But in some situation I do really need a display and an input connected to the device.
Tablet could be a solution, but powering and customizing it can be another issue.

Are you saying Dave won’t sell you the 5" touchscreen hardware or that he’s no longer updating the software? He still has it listed on tindie.

There isn’t anything to support, it just a dumb LCD. It behaves exactly the same way as CP7. Even touch controller is the same!

Thank you very much for your answers. I have checked Dave’s solution and it seems fine for me. I am going to try that one.

Anyone, does anybody know that does GHI planning to replace the CP7? And When?

We are working in it


Very good,


Or via TKA https://www.turnkeyassembly.com/project/21

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Wow, Thanks!

The TKA parts list doesn’t include the display.

It’s easy to buy from NHD or mouser etc.


A few of the components look to be non stocked items. There are options to get TKA to source these for you.

Is there a planning available on when we can expect the CP7 replacement? tnx so much, Chris

@ Chris van der Gaag - We are still working to find a suitable replacement.

Will I be able to connect this Newhaven display to my EMX?


I was using CP7 with Simon’s driver so there should be no problem as it has I2C interface for touch controller as well. Am I right?

Not sure about RGB pins, as it has 24-bit parallel interface.