Cool laser lamp on KS

Like this one

I was just looking at it 10 minutes ago :slight_smile:

I would be concerned with any type of laser around kids.

I agree. This makes me nervous despite the fact he claims it’s safe. Kids are likely to lay in bed and see how long they can stare at the night light w/o blinking. :frowning:

It would look really cool lighting my office, though :slight_smile:

It’s in the FAQ

"The laser is no more dangerous than an LED light if a normal distance is maintained. I would not advise anyone to hold even the smallest light directly to their eye.

Maintaining a 2 foot distance between your eyes and the laser is advised. My children sleep with this lamp in their room and have no problems."

I"m not keen on the grid pattern though, unless it’s only visible in photos/videos.

We also tell our kids not to touch the hot stove, but there are a few that have to find out themselves. Blindness is a bit more serious that a burn blister.

Can I state the obvious?

$50? For a NIGHT LIGHT!!!

Um…no. Even if it is an awesome laser night light. :slight_smile:

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@ devhammer - KS is not a store. You don’t go there to shop for a lamp or for anything else.

Do you think there would be many KS successes if people didn’t purchase items via rewards? I think that makes it a store. It’s one where fair market value has little meaning but it’s definitely a store.

There are plenty of successful projects where all you get is “Thank you! for your support”

I don’t follow KS on a daily basis but I don’t recall any big fundings for projects that didn’t have a reward. Do you know of one? I’m not doubting you. I’d just like to have some examples of popular projects that succeeded w/o a reward. I’m working with some guys on a KS idea…

@ andre.m - What do you mean? There are two main outcomes for any project on KS:

1 Not funded
2 Successfully funded

Oh I see what you mean. I guess you haven’t been at KS. Each different project has different levels that you can pledge. You can get something back for certain levels. Sometimes it is something tangible, sometimes it is just “thank you for your support”.

This is stated upfront. It is not that you were supposed to get a product and you got only “thank you for your support”.

I hope I explained it right, but check any successfully funded project and you will see what I mean.

Trouble paying for your hobby? :smiley:

@ Mike - Nice! :smiley:

@ andre.m - lol

Hmmm… I don’t know, but it probably will be really hard to do. Otherwise KS wouldn’t be successful.

Well, being that I’m a huge Tron Legacy nerd (and just a nerd in general) I think it’s pretty damn awesome. Reminds me of The Grid :wink:

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