Cool laser lamp on KS

I don’t think any of these are valid examples. Only a few thousand dollars of the donations came from “Thank you only” rewards. The other rewards and the majority of the money came from rewards that actually gave the contributor something. It might be a copy of the manuscript or some pictures or something of no real value except to fans of the product but its something. I realize that KS encourages rewards of material value. So, it’s probably unlikely that we’ll find an example of something that’s mostly funded by “thank you” only.

@ FireyFate - I bet you put Tron “easter egg” effects in all you clocks! :wink: BTW how is that nixie tube module doing? Have you tried it?

I got about as far as plugging the module into a breadboard and giving it 12V lol. I’m busy migrating the whole radio project to Cerb40 now… I plan to design a new interface pcb around it with Gadgeteer sockets to connect a Micro SD reader and Music Module.

Of course this depends on me muddling through the module drivers since all the corresponding pins aren’t exposed on the Cerb40.

Annnnnd I just [em]might [/em]back this laser so it can fire up with my Tron channel. 0.4W should be pretty easy to switch with an optocoupler :slight_smile:

The more I look at this, the more I like it. The only question should be around the safety issues of the laser, but think of how much power could be saved for example on street lighting with these. I’m thinking of getting one to support the concept.

I have actually got in for 2. Will make an excellent birthday present for one of my friends.

Doh! Kickstarter just removed the level I have been backing this project at. Me and another ~400 backers.

Wow… Any indication why? That seems a little unfair to the campaign. I wonder if they’ll extend the time.

They should have done this before approving it, to start with. The project lost 20% of goal funding instantly and 400 backers.

Absolutely. What’s the point in an approval process if they’re going to do this.