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Contribution for maker fair... Ethernet style


With new Ethernet support, anyone want to contribute a demo that uses Domino/panda/rhino connected to Ethernet?

I want one of the FEZes connected to my laptop showing something cool. Maybe a webpage showing temperature? Or control some LEDs from webpage?

Of course you get experience points and gifts if you help out :wink:


I’ll knock something out tonight.


You are my “hero” :slight_smile:

You can even put a flash file on teh FEZ so you can even host a flash video game from FEZ :slight_smile:

The only problem is the bug we found where the limitation on every packet is 2K



Can you please contact me offsite with the SWF file you want me to attach? I’m not much for flash, so see if you can get Josh or someone to compress it. It’ll have it done by tonight ;D


It was just an idea. Displaying an image and sensor info is good enough. I do not mind controlling led and relays from browsers either :slight_smile:


I have a temp sensor laying around, so I’ll do that. I’ll also put a button to turn an LED on/off or something.


If you have it partially done then I can add more sensors. Get a base page (cool colorful page) that displays values and button to control things is great to have :smiley:

You are a FEZ Hero, should be easy for you to do :wink:


I’ve whipped together a quick example using a fez cobra running a web server & temperature sensor. I have it reporting out temperature values to a windows sidebar gadget on 2 second intervals.

You interested in this as an example?


They wanted Panda/Rhino/Domino, not Cobra.

I’ll start on this as soon as I get home.


Yes we want to show the new feature


OK, starting on this now. I’ll have something in just a bit.


Webserver is done. Doing the HTML ATM. Next is the temp sensor and hardware integration.

Gus, How many tabs do you want on the menu? I could have a link to TinyCLR, etc.


It is going to be on a local network. No Internet so no need for tinyclr but we can always point out the website

You are creative so just do what you like

I take it the new feature is working fine for you? :slight_smile:


So far, I haven’t seen any issues. The FEZ did freeze up for no apparent reason once, however.


Early draft. How do you like it?

EDIT: Yeah, I know, there are probably misspellings in there. Ignore them for now, they’ll be fixed.


Another one.

So, with the Jquery and the image file for the header, the total page size comes out to 177K. Is that too much?

All of the calls to toggle the LEDs/update the temp will be done through AJAX, so the board will not be under a ton of load doing anything stupid like refreshing the page.


Man, I’m having an extremely hard time getting the page down small enough to get the FEZ to load it.


Is this because the 2k limit bug?


I have the bug fixed. But the beta is already online. hmm



Well, I had to strip it down. Wayyy down, but here it is:

Let me know if you want different colors, etc. I might try to add the pretty header in later.