CONTEST: Where in the world was Mike?

In the spirit of the holiday season I thought a contest would be fun. Everyone likes a gift at this time of the year.

To win the contest all you have to do is determine “Where in the world was Mike?”. The photo of my wife and I was taken on a vacation a few years ago. All you have to do is tell me where the photo was taken. *** Your answer must be precise enough that you could travel to the location of the photo. ***

The winner of the contest will get a $100 GHI coupon.

To enter, send an email to fez at cranbury dot com with the location in the subject and your forum ID in body.

On December 25 a winner will randomly be selected from the correct entries.

The rules:
[ul]To enter you must have become a member of the GHI forum prior to the date of this posting. The last online field of your profile will be used to verify this requirement
You must have at least 50 experience points by the final day of the contest.
You may send up to three entries, but a location may only be sent once.
The winner is responsible for any charges, for example shipping, which normally occur when using a GHI coupon on an order.
If the world is destroyed today, 12/12/12, the contest is cancelled.[/ul]

Have fun and season greetings!

Hints and Clues

I will periodically post hints and clues to the location if the responses I receive indicate the challenge is too difficult.

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“Where in the world was Mike?”

In the middle of nowhere! :>)

Loved the “12/12/12, the contest is cancelled.”

At a volcano? Dunno which one though, so lets guess. Mount Vesuvius? :slight_smile:

Can you tell us what continent?


Doh - only about 10,000 mile out :smiley:

So was I closer with my second guess then?


But keep it secret in order to improve your chances. :slight_smile:

@ Mike,
So I guess that is a “No” for Pompeii… :slight_smile:

Sweet - loose lips sink ships and all that :slight_smile:

If by some miracle my name comes out of the hat I would like to offer the prize to someone struggling financially that is keen to progress in the Gadgeteer field.

Your a top man Mike!


I will not confirm any displayed answers here. I would like the contest to be based upon inductive reasoning rather than guessing. Oops, I think that was a clue?

BTW, the three email entry limit was done for a reason.

Didnt see that rule… :slight_smile:

BTW, my guess was deductive reasoning, but I will not explain my deductions here… :slight_smile:

I think you might be right. I should have said deductive reasoning. :slight_smile:

Are you in Iceland ?


Isn’t it too bright for norway or iceland? Think it’s winter there, in other words, dark… :slight_smile:

the picture was taken in the month of may.

all answers must be submitted via email and you have three guesses.

Are you wearing anti-gravity boots? That picture makes me light headed (scared of heights)

The different ground surface seems to make for an interesting effect.