Congratulations ALEX! (Naming Contest Winner)

Hey guys! You’ve heard about it enough to know Skewworks is making a game system. We’re also making a new board powered by the EMX to run it on; final designs are expected from the hardware team in 2-3wks will final product in time for Christmas! 8)

So how about a little help naming the device? It’s not just for playing games, this is a fully featured portable device. You’ll get a battery with >3hrs of life per charge, an MP3 decoder, analog joystick, 6 buttons, audio jack, 1 usb host, 1 usb client, ethernet, 4.3" touch LCD (with backlight control), and of course a few LEDs.

And being NETMF powered you can run whatever you want on it. Totally open source and hackable.

If we choose your name you get credit a free board.

My entry is “The Unmotivator”. ;D

Or maybe “Seki”. Use of an associated name worked once before.

I think Mike wants the pot sweetened a little bit; original post updated

Here are some ideas I came up with real quick:

The device that can do it all. If you break it down it says All in 1.

Since it can play games that have that retro feel.

Endless possibilities aka “No end”.

@ skewworks - do you have any sketches/prototypes of the enclosure that might the creative juices flowing for a winning name? Tying the name in with a design ‘look and feel’ would be cool.

Portable skewworks device - sounds like porche, lol

All 'u wanna

Unlimited usages

Fully featured portable device

Micro Framework User Configurable Device

Hack-a-tron / NETMF Hack-a-tron / Hackatron / Heckatron / Hecka / Hacka
Hackable device

All In One Box

Just sounds cool :smiley:

Maybe I can come up with something more later on :smiley:

You got it. I’m out for lunch right now but I’ll mod this post w a picture in about an hr

Lion -> A board jungle king :slight_smile:
powerful, beautiful and ferocious beast


[ulist]GS1 - Gaming System 1[/ulist]
[ulist]GameBoard - just calling it what it is[/ulist]

@ Todd I want to keep away from names with “Game” in it. The board itself is multipurpose; the gaming software loaded on it already has a name :wink:

But definitely keep the ideas coming!!

As requested here’s a mock up of the board (sans case). Not everything included on the board is included on the drawing but it should give you a good idea.


Handgent - SkewWorks on a Hand-Tangent - geddit?

Never mind :slight_smile:

Diametrix (still on a tangent)


Skor (SkewWorks’ Omni Rsomething or the other)

Emanon Game System.

@ realiser; you make me laugh…and also a little bit afraid :smiley:

@ Robert - MFUCD - really? Almost sounds like a pornographic fast food hamburger… the M*FUC**D. ROTFL :smiley:

Apologies to Skewworks (and anybody else) if this attempt at humor detracts from the naming contest. I couldn’t help myself!

Flex : Flexible system
OMS Flex : Opensource Multimidia System


Pad - Portable Application Device

[italic]Some variations[/italic]
SkewPad - Skewworks Portable Application Device
sPad - Skewworks Portable Application Device

PHD - Portable Hackable Device