Community designed Gadgeteer mainboard

So it seems there is some interest in SITCore powered Gadgeteer mainboards.

Now is your chance to pipe up with what capabilities you want for a new SITCore Gadgeteer board and after some general agreement I will produce some boards if at least10 punters will send me some shekels to cover costs.

So we need to nail down the following:

  • Board name - extremely important :rofl:
  • Black or self powered Red
  • On board Ethernet or WiFi
  • No. of Sockets and types
  • Anything else

The clock is ticking and whatever gets agreed upon in 7 days will get the Altium treatment and sent to manufacture. If nobody pipes up then you get what i decide :cowboy_hat_face:

The Pakaru
The Dag

Lol - been on the Kiwiism site i see Mike :yum:

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I would say something similar to the design of the FEZ Spider, I am biased as that was my first introduction to the world of .NET Microframework but it was awesome…

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Should be simple enough as the SCM20260N should just drop in as a replacement for the G120 so could potentially make a Sider III with the same sockets.


Hmmm… I’ve been wanting to do an NRF52840 G module with Thread, Zigbee, BLE, etc. Two great things that go great together?

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ethernet should be an option, not every project needs ethernet

i have much more modules than gadgeteer mainboards and power modules so self power or an additionally power module would be awesome

socket types, why not a gadgeteer connector daughter board for a sitcore board?

prio 1
X, Y, A, I, K, O, P, S, U, *?
prio -10
C, D, E, F, H, T, R, G, B, Z

I agree a board with built in power is welcomed.

Where’s the bank details !!??!!??

Wireless charging + battery power solution … perhaps as addon for any board or integrated in a mainboard?!? Would help for mobile tracker.

So you are looking for low power?

Oh no, you now have to change your design for the new stuff :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Yes, we need to talk :cowboy_hat_face:

A very nice idea.
…but it only makes sense if the old modules are supported by TinyCLR.

The are ‘supported’ electrically; and they are ‘supported’ in that all the GPIO/SPI/I2C/AN/PWM APIs are there in TinyCLR, but I think that writing of module-specific device drivers now falls to the community, which has actually done a pretty good job so far.

Support via the designer is also not on the horizon (from anywhere I know of), and in fact, I wouldn’t even recommend trying to resurrect the old code. I did get a good start on a new environment, which is maybe 60% of the way to an MVP, but I changed jobs and have had zero time to dedicate to finishing it.

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Well, it’s been 7 days without a huge amount of feedback…

I guess I shall just unleash my creative juices and see what happens…

Missed opportunity for you lot :flushed:

I would vote for a “FEZ Spider II like” main board. It gives a lot of flexibility and covers all socket types. The development boards are good, but Gadgeteer has its place as well. I have successfully used both forms to achieve prototypes or proof of concept. Thanks.

Well, the “portable power” kind of thing has been feedback. For sailing sports there’s a need for trackers, gps and imu. Those dinghys are small and don’t have lot of space nor any sort of electricity. They need a device that can run for a day, and at the end of the day take it off the boad for a recharge. Since it needs to be waterproof and robust, the solution best be potted. So that is where ‘wireless’ comes in. Just put the tracker on a charging pad for the night. The power challenge could perhaps be a reusable module for various applications like this tracker? A lipo battery, charging pcb coil receiver (seeed design?), and meanwhile providing power to the mcu and components.
To stay on topic :slight_smile: : a gadgeteer mainboard with working wirelessly rechargable power solution.

Goodo - i have some ideas

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Just needs a name now…