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We have a new section under community, called Creations. This is added to allow community members to list their product for sale right on our website. This is a free service from GHI Electronics!

With millions of hits, your product will surly get shown off to the world :slight_smile: We hope you will sell more and make more creations.

We are open to suggestions of course.


New section looks so much better than a sticky thread!


Yes, this is the old creation thread on forum we hope to see them all move to “creations”



What does that mean? Do the emails go directly to Architect with a CC to GHI or is there an internal messaging system within the site?

Whichever way this works, can we also have it for PMs? :wink:


This is an email to Architect with CC to GHI just to monitor for possible spam or abusers.



EDIT: After looking at the creation form, I see that it gives the option to add a URL or an email. I think it would be nice to have both. A link to your buy page (if you have one) and the email for asking questions.


Feature suggestion: Allow user submissions to be marked as “Beta” or “Preview”

Expected final price could be greyed out or slashed through, with the “beta price” in red.
When purchasing a preview module, a disclaimer would be presented indicating that the module is for testing and/or feedback ONLY and is not guaranteed for any particular purpose until final release. “Hardware and firmware may change at any time, without notice. etc. etc.”

I’d love to convert a lot of BOBs for neat chips available around the web to gadgeteer modules. Particularly, there are a TON of chips from Linear that I’d like broken out. The problem is that I have no experience designing boards. I’m confident that I can transfer the example circuit from the datasheet to a PCB, but if it doesn’t work, there’s a chance that it will be beyond my expertise to diagnose why.

It would be neat to make a board using through-hole parts where the values may need to be tweaked and then get community feedback on values and design flaws. Upon consensus, the final product would be SMD, optimized, and condensed; the beta flag removed.



@ ianlee74 - of course the forum can be used for discussion, in the post automatically created. The private email method is good if you have a private question.


@ Kerbal - The description can be used to add any info poster may need. This is made for everyone and so everyone will have a unique needs. So instead of adding too may options and making the postings look messy. We are only handling the essentials and the rest is up to the poster.


I agree. Correct me if I’m misunderstanding, but it looks like if the creator provides a URL to their page they would not be able to provide an email address which would make it impossible to submit a private question. That’s why I was suggesting two different fields.


@ Gus - how does one edit a creation once submitted?


@ devhammer - You will be able to after it is approved.


I thought I’d read that on another thread…must’ve slipped my mind.



We will make this clearer.

after submitting a post, it is locked till it is approved
after you modify a post, it goes pack to pending, which you can’t modify till it is approved again.


How are you guys assembling your boards? I have a few designs done, prototypes created, and drivers developed but I spent several hours placing resistors and soldering in a toaster oven for each unit. I can 't sell like that and the typical difficulties with low volume high cost and high volume large investment prevent me from sending them out to a contract manufacturer. I don’t even think some of these will sell 100 units and I’d rather not have inventory $ sitting in my apartment.



My module is very simple, so I hand-solder everything. If I was moving larger quantities of the board, I’d probably farm it out, but at the low volume, I actually enjoy the occasional time assembling the boards. :slight_smile:


@ Jermtown - i use dfrobot for the PCB’s great service and really good value. Its a pain to hand place and solder but once you get used to it you can crack on and get quite a lot done in an evening.


@ HughB @ devhammer So you guys are saying I should quit using 0402 resistors? :slight_smile:

I was hoping for a better answer like “Super Awesome Assembly Company will charge $10 to assemble in their super awesome pick and place machines” but thanks for the reality check.


Yes dude, 0402 is the wrong package for anything - in fact, even if you found super awesome company they’d probably charge you extra for being silly and using 0402 (actually, often companies don’t have the more accurate/specialised equipment to do that small, and if they do they’ll charge extra).


@ Jermtown - are you using 22nM traces also? :wink: