Commercial product using microframework and GHI chip

Hi people, not sure if this allowed but our device is using the microframework and GHI chip…its on kickstarter…support us if you can…

When successful, i think we will have to place a big order with GHI.



Done :clap:

@ anthonys - Do you only produce a bank of 4 outlets or will there be more variations ?

There will be more but we have another form factor coming out that will not be a powerboard.

We are already working on CE for all countries.

It says it’s for developers. Is there some sort of internal usb port that will allow us to flash the firmware to do different things?

@ Mr. John Smith - You guessed it.

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Can you all make a wifi bulb with powerline? (please say yes, please say yes, please say yes)

EDIT: I mean an LED bulb not wifi.

I’d back at 2x the $65 level but the pricing for the additional levels seem a bit off unless you’re more interested in pushing people to buy single units? (OK, I did back it, but please adjust the pricing :slight_smile: )

@ Brett - The higher levels of a crowdfunding project are meant for people who just want to give more. It’s not really meant to be a better bargain.

my point is, it’s actually a worse deal. $65 for super early bird, 1x unit. Ordering 2x unit at super early bird rate should be no worse than 2x the single unit cost. I’m not saying it should give me a bigger discount, but it shouldn’t make me pay a penalty, and $160 for two is a substantial penalty. If I wanted two, I could buy one myself and get my wife to order another one at the $65 price, and we’d be $30 better off. (but note, I want this to succeed so I backed it at $160 anyway).

Anthony did mention in one of the comments to backers that they had adjusted shipping costs before release, I suspect that this may have also been related to reward pricing adjustments and was perhaps missed.

Since I tweeted about it, can I get one sent to the office?

@ Gary - Thanks Gary, ill see what I can do if we get funded :slight_smile:


Its my first Kickstarter campaign so their is some learning involved, we adjusted the prices a little also.


Every time you think you have figured it out, there will be one more “gotcha”! :wall:

@ anthonys - Great to see a local (we are in Geelong) and fellow RMIT alumni here. Good luck with the Kickstarter, I’ve just backed for a couple of your boards.

Your project reminds me of a much simpler one we did back in 1998, in the early days of the mass-market internet rollout.
There was an ISP located in the building next to our factory, set up with racks of dedicated modems, one per customer. They had a problem where occasionally a server or modem would lock up, requiring them to drive in to town and reset it, at any time of the day or night.

We designed and built a similar looking smart power-board for them, with an 8051 micro controlling each outlet, with on/off/reset/watchdog capability and remote (dial-in/serial) control, and graphical (VB) interface to make things easy for them.
In return they let us drill through the brick/concrete wall between our buildings and run a cable into their high-speed internet feed. ;D


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@ C-Born - thanks David

Anthony, is it possible to run MQTT on this? I like this protocol and there is very little overhead and no need for polling.

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@ Dave McLaughlin - it does run mqtt


@ anthonys - I almost do not dare to ask, but are you planning for being compateble with apple’s home kit ?

Maybe Cuno from Oberon could be of help with their work in that area.

[Edit] Look here for more info