Commercial product using microframework and GHI chip

@ .Peter. - Thanks for asking :dance:

@ anthonys If you are interested in adding HomeKit support, please contact me at pfister@

Yes, it will support Apple Homekit and Amazon Echo…i would love if everyone supported our campaign on kickstarter whether it be sharing on your social network or pledging a $1, it will help with ranking(Kickstart is very competitive and not always based on product feasibility ).

Just though i would ask, if you could also share Gus and team.
The board is completley programmable using c# using the GHI chip and than willing to assist upon delivery :slight_smile:

@ anthonys - What’s wrong with this picture? :open_mouth:

Also, if it’s not too late you might turn down or eliminate the music from the “What people are saying about Wirebutter NOT Donald Trump” video. I can barely hear the first lady and the others aren’t much better. BTW, when I see a title like that which mixes politics where it isn’t needed I’m immediately turned off to your product and move on…

Any chance for AllJoyn or IoTivity support?

Good luck!


@ anthonys - Your reference to politiocs is a major mistake, you now have at least 50% people, probably more, who will reject your project, enough for it to be doomed.

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I agree totally with @ southernstars and @ ianlee76 - I was going to back the project, but when I see someones political opinion (apparently not even from the US) seeming to get into the picture, I doubt their judgement. Then, of course, if you just listened to the general media you would be misled as many were.
Too bad, it looked like a nice product I would have backed.

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@ SouthernStars - What political statement? I don’t even watch TV :slight_smile:

thanks Guys, that title in the video has been removed, thanks for you suggestion.

If I got this correctly, AllJoyn in its previous form does not exist anymore, and the AllSeen Alliance has been disbanded. In some form it may reappear as part of a new IoTivity standard.

From the outside, it looks to me like a lot of consortia politics, technology having become a victim of that. Once the dust settles, we’ll take a closer look at the new IoTivity stuff if and when it materializes.

No support AllJoyn or IoTivity yet, but you will be able to program this into it if you need :wink:

So your product will include an Apple authentication coprocessor from the start?

@ anthonys - If you don’t understand the issue, it is even worse. And BTW, I did not refer to any statement nor to TV. Really poor judgment…

thanks, you are right i don’t understand but i understand what suppressing free speech does…i wont talk again about anything except GHI from now one…all good…i appreciate your understanding and supporting my kickstarter efforts. :slight_smile:

Already got another 9 pledges from removing the T word from the video

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@ Cuno - Will be connecting through an API interface

@ anthonys -You wrote " I understand what suppressing free speech does"
Yet one more political statement! Unbelievable! Your reference
about politics was totally inappropriate in the context.
Just for your information, once I saw the title, I did not care to
see the video. But at least, I told you my feeling. But how many
did that, without telling you?
People are brainwashed daily by corrupt medias with obvious
agendas and it is not only in the US, it is the same in Europe,
the same false polls, the same fake news. Then, I don’t expect
to see politics mixed with hardware/software subjects, and I
presume I am not alone.

The prior suggestions had nothing to do with free speech or suppressing it.

They had to do with your future Sales prospects. When you are selling you want to appeal to as many buyers as possible. Any time you associate your product with one side of a battle you alienate the other side and thus loose them as potential buyers.

As the country (US anyway, I can’t speak for the rest of the world) seems to be pretty evenly split between the 2 candidates, associate your product with one side and you get 50% of the US as prospective buyers. Don’t associate your product with any party and you get 100% of the US as prospective buyers.

All politics would be better kept over on the Off Topic forum anyway.

Not exactly sure what you mean. Is the Apple chip already on the PCB, or would it have to be attached through an add-on board, on demand by the user? The latter might not be certifiable.

As for the API, a HomeKit implementation would use the appropriate hardware interface more or less directly. I don’t think an API would play much of a role there, at least not a C# API.

done :slight_smile:

@ Cuno - @ anthonys seems to be under the assumption that it can all be done in software, while you seem to believe that specific hardware accommodations must be made.

@ cyberh0me - I 100% believe that. I’m just trying to clear up what looked to me like a miscommunication :slight_smile:

We are using a BlueTooth chip that supports HomeKit technology so aware of the software/hardware requirements.