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Since Clix is more or less a subset of Tinkr, we might merge all into one project.
Where the project will be hosted, and when this will happen exactly is not fully worked out.
After that we will tell everyone which forum will be the right one.

Please be patient till next week, then we all know more.

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Looking forward to it. Have a Raptor with cellular, ethernet, canbus and a T43 dedicated on my desk, waiting for some gfx-love ;D

I already had a look into Clix, will look at Tinkr tomorrow.
Looks quite good.
I also ordered an additional snake, and dinosaur and a couple of liquid crystals.
So by next weekend everything is bigger faster brighter 8)

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You already sound dedicated :clap:

Well yes, I suppose I’m the dedicated server ;D

Means I’ve decided to coordinate Clix/Tinkr as an open source project.

Since Clix is included in Tinkr 100%, there is no reason anymore to maintain both projects.

All I need now before the current sources are published is discussing some details with Skewworks: Where, who, when, License, …

I also want to make a short poll on how Tinkr should be distributed in the future:

  1. Installer (as it is now)
  2. just plain dll’s (I know what I do)
  3. source only (I can build on my own)
  4. NuGet (Nu … why not!?)
  5. any other options?

A new Installer will not be available at the beginning, since the VS Installer project was discontinued by MS after VS2010, and I have no Setup utility. Any suggestions here= Free, cheap, …
The sources will be there al the time anyway.
NuGet: Never created a package for this, but couldn’t be to hard.

I also noticed that there is a lack of sample projects, which really shows what Clix/Tinkr can. So I’ll try to create some new demos (hopefully will find some bugs when doing this, or hopefully not :think: )

Other ideas for the future:
Forms designer: I used Visual Design Studio for Glide one time. It worked, but I was not really happy with it.
It would be cool to have a VS Plugin with integrated designer and auto generated code behind (partial class).

@ Reinhard Ostermeier - First up, sources and compiled DLLs - and som samle code to get you up and running would be nice…

One more thing:
How about support for NETMF 4.1?

I vote for NuGet.


@ Reinhard: Sounds great. I am looking forward to that.

I would also vote for NuGet. Creating a packet is not too difficult. I didn’t upload one to, though. But I would like to try that. Maybe I can offer my help there.

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@ Peter B - Any help is appreciated.

The Install Shield plugin should have a pretty good free version.

I think for licensing lets go with Apache 2.

A VS plugin would be ideal and one that can read existing xml files would also be nice and then exported back to XML is also a nice idea.

It’s finally there: :dance:

So far only core and Tinkr 4.2 sources are there.
Setup project and samples will follow.
There was also some projects Skewworks sent me, which where not in the VS solution. I’ll check them out later.

For Clix users:
Just stick to the non Tinkr dll’s. They are the same as for Clix.


tstewart and Peter B already offered some help with installer and NuGet.

@ tstewart - could you start with the installer. SharpSetup should work great for that. I’ll send you the original setup project.

@ Peter B - If you could work on the NuGet Package, that would be great. I already created an account (osre77 as well), so I would upload it by my self then.

No, no haste for that. We all don’t want supporters going away because of to much pressure.

I’ll have a look at it - do some testing on the Raptor ;D

Sweet! We also need a user-editable wiki.

And what is Aphelion?!.

There is a wiki included in GitHub (look to the right)

There is just no content, but everyone should have edit permissions

Aphelion is the core that was shared by Clix and Tinkr.
But in fact Clix did not add anything to the core at all.

Report bugs and issues

I would like to ask everyone to report bugs, issues and feature requests here:

Even if they reported them already somewhere else.
Thank you.

The code is quite clean. What a relief. But what’s next? A few managing questions from me:

  1. are the name of the assemblies going to stay “Skewworks”?
    2)Shall we create documentation of how Tinkr works internally? So anyone wanting to participate could get going faster.
  2. Shall we clean the code more before adding features? I see many ReSharper complains about wrong names, unused variables and undocumented functions…

@ Simon from Vilnius - My next steps would be to run resharper over everyting except public naming.
There are also some warnigs that should be fixed.
Then I want to add xml doc comments, so I can generate api docs with Sandcastle.
By this I should know the code good enough to decide whats next.
About renaming the dll’s and namespaces I have to ask Skewworks, if they want their name to stay.
Also more demos and tutorials are on the plan.
General documentation, with a brief description of all features and controls as well.
A improoved designer would also be nice.
I also agree that the internal structure should be documented, bu since does not help the final users to much, I think its a lower priority.