Code Donation

I’m looking to donate the code for Clix & Tinkr to someone that will continue to develop and support them. Whether that’s GHI, a member of the community, or some other option.

I simply have not had the time to keep this project going and it doesn’t look like things are going to be calming down around here anytime soon.

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I would put it on Github.


Agreed. Better to just open source it than take a chance that someone would let it die.

Guess it’s good news / bad news

Bad news you’re too busy to work on it.

Good news is you’re too busy to work on it!

@ Skewworks - How much time do you think someone should invest in it per Month/Year?

Making it open source is not an bad idea but may be someone could make some moderation/supervision for the project.
Like not giving everyone write access to the repo and accept modifications by patches.

If it’s not too much of work I might be a person for moderating it.
Usually I can see if code is good or not.
But I might be asking the community here to some tests on different hardware before every new release.

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I had talked to Thomas recently about this and was hoping for his Clix/Tinker replacement which he had hoped to get finished in the 4th quarter of this year. I don’t know if he is still planning to do that but regardless, I would help test the opensource even with my current limited knowledge ;D

I’d be happy to have you be an administrator. That’s really what I’m looking for is someone to make sure it doesn’t just die.

Skewworks has picked up unbelievably quickly and it’s just not going to leave me NETMF time anywhere in the foreseeable future.

@ Skewworks - could you send me a copy of the code to osre at aarpg dot net so I can see how big the code base is?

I’ll could decide then if it fits in my tight free time

And I currently have a project where I could use it anyway.
Cobra II + TE35

We are using Tinkr and already found lots of bugs, so we aren’t exactly happy to see such news… Lets go open source, then. I’ve got a few ideas of how to make Tinkr better…

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Ja super! I just purchased Tinkr2 to realize that there is NO support and outdated documentation…

This explains why :’( It seemed to be a useful product, but turned-out to be a pain to get it working.

Yes, unfortunately this is the trait of Skewworks. Tinkr, Gadgetos, ROME, SBASIC — all started greatly and left unfinished :frowning:

@ skewworks has contributed immeasurably to this community. Statements like this are unwarranted.


Did I say he didn’t?

@ Eric - It’s alright, products they use are being discontinued; people get upset.

@ Simon & Ulfnam - I get that this isn’t the best news for owners of Tinkr/Clix but rather than and shelving products that I’ve spent hundreds of hours on, which frankly have not had a good ROI, I’m looking to open source them so people can continue to use them as well as get updates.

I spent 3 years on Pyxis 1 - 3 (3 being renamed Gadetos) all of which have been open sourced and in the time I’ve seen absolutely zero community contributions. So, yeah, you’ll see unfinished works out there.

I’ll try to get the code out to Reinhard Ostermeier this afternoon so he can see if it’s something he feels like he can help maintain in an open-source environment.

As soon as I get @ Skewworks code I’ll have a look at it (but not before the weekend).
By then I’ll decide if I could be the project coordinator.
If yes, then I would collect any known bugs 1st.
If my time allows it, I’ll go hunting for them on my own.
But anyone who found a bug is welcome to debug it for him self, and send me the result and/or a possible bugfix/patch.
After a short code review I would add this then to the codebase.

@ Skewworks - why not just push the source out to GitHub now and add Reinhard (or whoever) as admins when they agree? Then at least current users can start fixing bugs.

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@ Skewworks - Thomas, Yes I do appreciate your hard work that you put into these products!

The only reason why have posted my comment @ GHI forum is, that you seem to be more active here at GHI, than on Skewworks! I have tried “Contact us” and posted on your SKW forum without any success(reply)… and my plan seemed to have worked :smiley: !!!

I do hope that Reinhard or someone else takes up this challenge to maintain these great products. I also hope that the forum concerning these products get revived, as it seems to hibernate at the moment…

In the meantime I will continue on a trial and error basis to use Tinkr2 for my current R&D project, using the G120 module and TE35 display, along with my own hardware design.

Thanks again Thomas,

Regards Ulf

Hard to read for someone who paid for clix, clix2 and tinkr2, like a smack in the face.
I have been waiting over half a year (and still waiting) to get some bugs fixed.
If you make it opensouce, the existing bugs can finaly be fixed, that would be great.
In my opinion, putting it on github or something else would be a good idea.

If I’ll get coordinator of it, I create a list of known bugs.
Then I assign a priority to each task.
I already considered to set higher priorities for bugs from people who paid for it.

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@ Reinhard Ostermeier - I do not know if we are offending somebody on this forum when discussing this here, I hope not!

Reinhard, are you still considering to render support for Tnkr2 etc.?

I am still hoping to find some support somewhere from people with more experience…

Perhaps we should move to the Skewworks forum (?) which is quite a lonely place at the moment.

Gruß Ulf