Cerberus and Motion Sensor

I think there is a bug somewhere with the cerb and the motion sensor.
Once the motion sensor has been triggered the motion sensed event fires every six seconds or so regardless of any movement.

Tested against a spider and it works fine on the spider.
Checked 4.2 QFE1 and now QFE2

Cheers All


There are 2 pots on the motion sensor. Try adjusting them.

I will give it a go, but I am interested as to why on the Cerberus the event continually fires once the initial trigger is fired (I even hid it in a cardboard box ) but doesn’t when on the spider.

You might want to review http://www.tinyclr.com/forum/topic?id=6930&page=1#msg67491

Not a clue.

Thanks Duke.

Is there any difference between the two boards in terms of pull-ups on the inputs?

Have the same problem with a hydra, any news?

Another question, does PIR have like a cooldown time, because it doesn’t react right after it changed back to inactive??
It does…10 seconds straight, not good for my project…

Last week we have test the motion module in Spider board with netmf 4.1 project, and does not work properly. The detection event is fired every once that finish the seconds set with the potenciometer.
Provably have some matter when set the input interrupt mode or resistor…

this.m_motionDetect = new GTI.InterruptInput(socket, GT.Socket.Pin.Three, GTI.GlitchFilterMode.On, GTI.ResistorMode.PullUp, GTI.InterruptMode.RisingAndFallingEdge, this);

Also I have test in cerberus board and works fine!

I try to find the problem… and post if found :slight_smile:

Since this thread is primarily concerned with an issue with Cerberus and motion detector, you should probably start a new thread for your issue, since it deals with Spider, not Cerberus.

@ devhammer, Sorry to be clueless. Following your recommendation I will open a new post.
my apologies.

No apologies needed…I just want you to get the help you need…starting a new thread may be helpful in that regard. :slight_smile:

@ devhammer - Have you ever worked with a guy called Paul Gomes?

Briefly, yes. Very early in my tenure at Microsoft. He was the DE for NYC. I’d only been on the team for around 8 months when he moved on, so didn’t get a chance to know him very well.

Cool, he and I now work together. I’ve just spent a week in amsterdam working with him. We got round to talking about gadgeteer and I mentioned your name and the conversation got round to previous work and he mentioned that he had previously worked for MS and he wondered if you were the same Andrew.
He told me to say hi :slight_smile:

Tell him I said hi as well. Been a long while…I’m almost surprised he remembered me. :slight_smile:

Ok Getting back on thread.
The motion sensor requires an X socket but in the designer i can connect it to Y sockets. Now the Cerberus only has Y sockets. Is this why the motion detector just keeps firing the motion sensed event on cerberus? I thought that the designer wouldnt let you connect to a socket if the module didnt support that socket?

X and Y sockets are practically the same. They are both GPIO. X has 3 GPIO and Y has 7. If it is a Y type socket, its automatically an X.

@ HughB - According to the catalog it’s X or Y

*Edit…to slow…like usual :smiley:

Thanks Steven, can you think of any reason why the motion sensor just sits there triggering the interupt even if there is no movement on the cerberus?? is it something to do with the pull up mode in the driver?? As i said it works perfectly on the spider.

@ Justin heheh cheers chief, i did think that was the case too but just wanted to confirm i wasnt totally off my head :slight_smile: