Cerberus and Motion Sensor

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A theory from my side, could it be the power? Because when I have relays connected, every time I turn one on and off the motion sensor is triggered.
The same one the hydra, there it happens with relays and when the displayLED is turned on or off too.
Unfortunately I don’t have a DP-client so I can’t verify this, but it seems that the event is triggered whenever too many modules are plugged in and/or need too much power.

In my case i dont thionk its power. I only have the motion sensor connected to the cerberus ad nothing else. I havent tried it with the DP power yet though.

I’m having the same issue but on a spider. It really does seem to be every 6 seconds the motion event fires. Anyone have any ideas how to fix this?

I think it may be some problem with he module itself. I’ve had a friend test my module and put it on a scope. It seems to pull the pin high/low every six seconds even if the pir is obscured. These modules do need some time to settle before you use them but there is still no description of why this is happening and no info anywhere about how this module works as there is no schematics. The only info I found pertains to the distance and time controls. Nothing about how it works.
I’m a bit disappointed with this module.

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I thought about maybe having a go. Panasonic make a nice one but the cheapest ive found is about £11. It shoudl be easy to make with a makewire module from ransomhall and PIR. The current driver would probably work too.
I would love to be able to get to the bottom of why this (and others too) module just keeps firing the event trigger though.

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I actually just purchased a PIR sensor off ebay for about £1.99 and soldered it to one of the .net gadgeteer extender boards


You can find out which pins need it soldering to by using this;

http://gadgeteer.codeplex.com/downloads/get/273356 (page 5)

Remember this is an X type module (not sure if this matters)

and I used the following code to check the pin status and register an event;

not at machine at the minute, will upload script tonight

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@ Andy. Nice one, let me know the model/part No. for the one you got off ebay. I would eb interested to see it. I can confirm that the same 6 sec continuous triggering also happens on my Argon board (latest firmware update) too

Gunna make a Gadgeteer module with this Zilog

Tweakable via UART

Sweeeet, and no temp compensation either. Nice!!!

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The motion sensor I purchased was off Amazon actually

It’s just a generic PIR sensor it says on the board…


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@ Andy no probs. That is the exact same module that the GHI PIR uses. Interesting that you got it working thoguh as it suggests there is a fault with the GHI ones

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