Carbon 2.0 Power test

As we all know WiFi modules use quite a fair amount of go juice transmitting digital noise across the airwaves and the ESP based module on Carbon 2.0 is no exception.

Sitting there in a Zen like state contemplating life the universe and everything while idle it’s still chomping through a battery sapping ~60-70mA!

Luckily it’s simple to place the ESP into a blissful slumber while life continues in the outside world when it’s not needed. By doing this the go juice for the ESP drops into the micro amps which is a much better option for Lipo powered devices.

By also placing the STM on Carbon 2.0 into Deep Sleep it would still be in the micro amps so NETMF IoT battery powered devices are indeed an attractive option :slight_smile:

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That is very good news. :clap:

So Carbon + Lipo + button = Programmable Amazon Dash Button?

@ Mr. John Smith - yup, but think how much more you could do :wink:

@ Justin - Actually I can’t think of much more that I could do. I only know what I need to do. Light switches, doorbells and rain monitors.

@ Mr. John Smith - where’s your sense of adventure!

@ Justin - It went up in magic smoke.

Ok, here is the killer Carbon application.

My 10 year old is supposed to feed the dogs each day. Naturally he doesn’t and I have to ask each day if he has done the deed.

Add one Carbon2.0 + accelerometer to the underside of the dog food box lid.
When lid moves, send bit to Azure.
Poll Azure once an hour for bit. If no bit by 10 am, he gets a phone call from Dad.



@ Terrence - SOLD

@ Terrence - Why not just automate the phone call?

and pre-empt the “well I’m sorry I accused you incorrectly” ?

Of course, you could always automate the 9:30 reminder SMS :wink: :wink:

@ Brett -
@ Mr. John Smith

I will pay Arnold S. to do the voice. “Your daddy says I need to crush you if I have to make one more call…I’ll be back”

Lots of options here. Keep 'em coming. My new product “Mr. Doggie Been Fed” will sell millions. :slight_smile:

IoT dog bowl. Love it!

Actually, no phone call required. When he feeds the dog have your app automatically deposit a portion of his allowance. He’ll never forget again. :smiley:

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@ Ian, sounds like an experience led suggestion… :slight_smile: Waaaay too plausible to work :slight_smile:

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@ ianlee74 -
have your app automatically deposit a portion of his allowance

Resulting in one weeks worth of dog food in the bowl in one day! Pretty soon, I will not be able to pay the mortgage and the boy will be wallowing in the $$$

Easy to write rules to avoid abuse of the system…set it so it only triggers once per day. Or only at specified time periods, if the dog is to be fed more than once per day. And at the same time make clear that any abuse of the system forfeits that week’s allowance entirely.

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Exactly. Doing the job correctly results in a reward. Doing it incorrectly results in a penalty. However, one abuse forfeiting the entire week may be a bit harsh.

Punish more harshly == punish less frequently. :wink:

Aw it’s all good, he’s a good boy and learns quickly. I am just having fun with the back and forth here.
Thanks for all of your great ideas.

Now about that Carbon chip… :whistle:

I wish that were true. :wink: