Carbon 2.0 Power test

(Terrence’s son must be reading this thread in absolute horror)

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@ Mr. John Smith - :wink: He has already packed his bags.

Who gets the dog?

@ suitable1 - I guess I do, and I get the new chore of feeding him. So does this alter how I am handling the sensor data, who gets it, and who gets the phone call?

Just need to grab that new dog bark translator chip from SparkFun and integrate it into the project. So when Fido barks “hey, I don’t have any food” the bowl releases another bowlful. :slight_smile:

@ devhammer - Yea but then Fido will get smart, and start requesting more and more food from the device. Then he sells this food on the side to buy bones. You’re literally feeding your dog’s bone addiction. Just say NO.

@ Mr. John Smith -
@ devhammer

Yes, or fat dogs… as I don’t let them circulate with “bone selling” dogs. Who knows what else they might be pedaling.

@ Mr. John Smith - Pretty sure we’ve reached this point now…

[edit] Boo! More fun when the GIF actually works…

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