Calling all commercial users!

Have you used GHI products to prototype a final design? Is that design currently in the field being used? If the answer to those questions is “yes” and you don’t mind sharing please direct message me details regarding your product.

We would like to promote the benefits of using NETMF / Gadgeteer to create “real world” solutions. So please share with us what you have so we can build case studies around your products.

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Gary, this needs to be a sticky post.

@ ianlee74 - happy now? ;D

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@ Gary - I just DM’d you some thoughts. I’ll see what actual material I can get you that might help with the message you are trying to send.

@ Jason - Thank you Jason, I will take a look and either DM you or shoot you an email. Thank you again!

I have received quite a few messages regarding commercial products. I just wanted to say thank you to all of you who have submitted them so far. This next week, I will start working on a format to showcase them. So please keep them coming and thank you again to everyone who has submitted so far.


Do future commercial uses count?

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Got one product out as beta. Just now bringing them all in to be equipped with IoT-Labs wifi…
And another one coming this spring.




I’ve gotten quite a few responses, we will start posting these shortly. We are not posting them in any particular order and there are a few I need to email for some more detail. We want to thank all of you for your submissions.


So, after examining the options for a couple of IP monitoring / control projects at work, and struggling with and finally watching NetDuino die, I called GHI this morning with a couple of pre-sales technical questions.
A very nice but very new receptionist tried to get me to tech support, but was told they don’t take support calls.

So, I’m back looking for a platform.

While I appreciate the need to manage support resources, when you slam the door on a pre-sales call it’s a bit counter-productive.


@ toddpthayer - did you ask to speak with sales?

@ toddpthayer - We are here to help with any technical questions. If it is pre sale question, then the phone is always available as well.

Handling technical support over the phone is very unproductive. We need to provide links and examples and the phone makes it very difficult to do so. I hope you understand and please let us know how we can be of any assistance.

You can also send me a private message with you phone and we will call back.

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I don’t have the requisite forum experience points to private message you.
I’ll try calling in today.


If you want you can email us using gary dot beaver at ghielectronics dot com

Our company, WiseAccess (, have been working in the development of a new version of our IoT remote unit (Wisebox), using G30 and G80 SoC.

For more than 10 years our Wisebox were based on DIGI’s Rabbit Core Modules (formerly Z-World), that proved to be very robust and reliable, but pricey and with limited capabilities, so in 2015 we started looking for alternatives until we found Cortex M micros. During 2016 we tried development kits from several suppliers until we selected G30 and G80 SoC from GHI, mainly because its documentation, examples, and fast (and rich) response to the Forum posts.

We were new to .NETMF, but using Visual Studio seemed to be a plus as a development accelerator, wich turned to be so (but not before we learned, the hard way, to cope with dynamic objects and the Garbage Collector, sigh…).

This week we reached our first goal and we have a set of 12 G30 and G80 based Wiseboxes ready to begin field testing in customer’s locations: LPG (liquid propane gas) tank level monitoring, meteorological stations monitoring, rural electrical power distribution network and a metropolitan water distribution network.

I am attaching photos of our Beta Test units:

  • G30 Wisebox M4E (Entry)
  • G30 Wisebox M4P (Power)
  • G80 Wisebox M4F (Full).

And also a comparison table to give you a general idea of these products.

Our web site is only in Spanish (sorry for that) but in the near future (end of this month) we will publish “Wisebox M4 User Guide” in Spanish and English.

Please feel free to ask any questions. Best regards,

Juan Carlos Plaza. R&D leader. WiseAccess Sistemas de Información M2M.


Enhorabuena! It looks nicely done.

Thank you very much @ mcalsyn !!! This Forum has been a tremendous help.


@ jcplaza@ - Nice job! Thanks for sharing.