Building on the great relationship we have with our distributors

We have been working closely with some well-known global distributors in the electronics industry. Today, we have Arrow Electronics and Mouser Electronics along with several local distributors in several countries. All of these distributors have excelled in providing the best customer experience that can be had.

In order to serve our customers better, we will be changing our website focus to product marketing and documentation. With that being said, starting August 1st, 2017 we will no longer be selling our products directly to customers via our online catalog.

We will continue to accept direct purchase orders but we encourage you to support our distribution partners. We will also continue to accept consultation projects or projects that utilize our manufacturing facilities.

We would like to thank you for your years of support and we look forward to working with you for many years to come!

Authorized Distributors:

This makes me a little sad, but I understand the economics of it.

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@ Mr. John Smith - What is there to be sad about? We are outsourcing our distribution so that we can focus more on the user experience from the website, including documentation. You act like we are breaking up. 8)

@ Gary - It feels like we’re breaking up. Its like you said we need some time apart.

On the up side I can purchase other electronic components in a single package.

I agree that this is a good move for GHI. I’d rather one-stop shop at one of the larger distributors, anyway.

It’s felt like we broke up every since you broke the forum! When are you getting it back up??


@ ianlee74 - We didn’t break the forum, we are migrating the forum and we are working on it. :wink:

I tended to purchase from Mouser anyway as I could get other parts at the same time and their shipping costs are considerably lower too, especially for international customers.

Once the new forum is back up I think we will feel more comfortable with it all. As others have pointed out, it does feel like things are broken until then. :slight_smile:

A migration is something you do at night after the business closes and before it opens back up the next morning. I’m not sure what you call this… :wink:


First their is the break with Gadgeteer, now this…

It indeed feels like breaking up…


…but be that is it may, as longs as it leads to more focus on better products, I am all for it. :stuck_out_tongue:


Things will be clear soon. Much of going to happen, not just a forum!

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We made a post 6 years ago about adding a catalog to our website
Does this men we will bring the catalog back in 6 more years? :slight_smile:

@ Gus -

Scribes are hard to come by these days…

Can you partner with TME?
They are like Mouser and Arrow just better for Europe, and their shipping in EU is 9€

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Any chance of distribution through Digikey?

We are working on this partnership as well.

Thanks, Gus.

Sorry, I know you intend well, but this still sounds like a lot of hoopla to me. This seems like normal marketing strategy for gradually dropping support for a product.

I think it is very clear if you look around and see all the changes happening lately. And also check back frequently as you will see a lot more. This is not about a product. We are relaunching the entire structure of our company, from forum and website, to products and distribution. What you see publicly is 10% of what is happening internally.

I know, it is not about a product. That is the issue.

What is the issues then?