BSOD on Spider

Is anyone working on the BSOD? Its killing me. W7 64 - SDK 4.2 win_usb

It should never crash wit winUSB! Are you sure?

Yes I am sure. I looked at the driver to be sure.

What I’m getting is if I hit debug sometimes the spider will get and undefined instruction. Then if I hit the reset button on the spider it will BSOD or if I try to stop debugging it will BSOD. But if I first unplug the usb cable then I can stop debug without a BSOD.

@ Gus -

I’ve had repeatable BSOD on Win8 X64 when Cerb40 deployment seemed like it was hanging and I unplugged the Cerb.

I would imagine I’m on the latest drivers since the computer is only a few weeks old and I grabbed them then.

@ Cowboy -

I am very Sorry and also Glad that you asked this question.

I was going to post something similar but I did not want to do it as it sounded SO negative!
(I DO go off the deep end at times, BUT I DO TELL THE TRUTH… As I see it)

I have the same thing at times but not the OLD BSD… MY Windows 7 64 bit has crashed on me several times. I do not remember what it is called, but the OS on a new boot INSISTS on a ‘repair’ that took forever! (After FOREVER it tells me I have installed a new hardware/driver or something like that) Hell! I was at the bar! I did nothing but dink my coffee…

I believe it has something to do with the GHI USB driver connection and the computer going to sleep or whatever (In my case)…

Just what happened to me a few times…

In addition, it may have something to my Video driver because it blanks out during Debug sometimes (but not often). INTEL driver as I recall. I have a Gateway 4860-USB3360P

That said, I now REMOVE the USB cable to my Spider BEFORE I walk off to have another Irish Coffee, Sometimes I have several and forget to come back in time before my 'puter ‘goes to sleep’

@ willgeorge - with Win USB drivers?

@ FireyFate - with win USB drivers?

@ Gus -

Sorry for the delay… Gif attached

i just had 3 in the lase 2 days i am using the win usb drivers.
it happened 1 time on cobra 2 and twice on a cerbuino bee.
it was on pressing the reset button.
previously i havent had any issues in months.

What does the driver tab in that dialog looks like?

This is not WinUSB drivers, so it is expected to see BSoD

@ Gus - But mine is right?

@ Cowboy - if it says NETMF then it is win USB

@ Gus - did you look at the pic I posted?

Yes yours is win USB so you should never see bsod!

@ Gus - But I do.

@ Gus - It seems like it showed up when I started using either the SD or Network or both together. I will try to narrow it down.

And that is what I do not understand.

I had this problem and found that I had to stop the visual studio debugger (and wait for it to disconnect and stop running) before resetting the device otherwise you get the BSOD.

Its occurred on all the Gadgeteer boards I have Cerb, Spider, Hydra and Cobra II I think. Got Windows 7 64bit and Visual studio 2010

Edit: This was only if it got stuck in the “Waiting for board to reset” state when waiting for the debugger to start. It would often hang indefinately