Brace yourself - Verdant is coming



Of course, it ain’t real until we print the T-shirts…

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Looks like what I’ve been waiting for…

How are you fellas ?

oh great, more stuff I need to hide :slight_smile:


Looking good but oops …

Will it be based on alljoyn?

@ .Peter. - I could have done that more gracefully, I suppose. I didn’t provision a db. But the web site is actually just part of the facade for a web api right now. Authentication, authorization, automated onboarding, streaming data acquisition, and machine learning workers. I’ll pull the registration link and maybe put a waitlist link up there instead.

@ Jay Jay - That’s part of the plan, yes. One less wheel to re-invent with respect to discovery, description, security, and wifi onboarding.

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Added some more highly detailed info to the first post which should make it all as clear as mud :wink:

@ Justin - Guess they don’t use spell checkers a lot … liked the rubettes more anyway … :whistle:

@ .Peter. - the spelding mastake was don’t on porpoise to see if Gary in particular was paying attention and looking at things properly :wink:

@ Justin - I love that one of them still says iOS powered because of Gary not putting out :wink: :smiley:


@ Skewworks - it’s a subtle dig at Gary to remind him to get me some G30’s :smiley:

I think @ Skewworks is suggesting that you may have other needs… :wink:

Just like MS during Win10 development where they have been listening to the Great Unwashed with feedback for the sparkly bits of the new OS, Verdant is adopting this new model and accepting feedback on the #1 most important aspect of this new technology…

It’s Colour - so vote away, and just like MS we may or may not listen :smiley:

Blue +1
Black +2
White +1

@ Justin - Miss the orange one :’(

@ .Peter. - The Dutch national pride not being a standard colour will incur extra manufacturing cost…but anything for the disciples :wink:

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Black would be my first choice. Then White

@ ianlee74 - Now, now, we have already had this talk…

@ Justin - :smiley:

My first choice would be Orange, my second would be Orange and my Third one … well I’ll let you guess …