Boards shipped and RC2 is on its way

Did I just miss out on the Fez Portal stock at Mouser? They where showing over 90 on order for expected delivery 31st Aug but now it shows 94 on order with no dates.

yes, i am waiting fro june 3 for the boards .all in stock except for portal so shipment is blocked. and as you mentionned, o date since yesterday . still showing rev b. available at arrow but at a higher price. last time i order something that is not currently on stock

My order from Digi Key didn’t arrive as well. They told me that it was because of the FEZ Duino Board where an export allowance was pending.
We a appointed that all items should be sent together when all can be delivered. Despite this my order now has disappeared from their system. Did anyone in EU yet receive a Fez Duino?

I ordered 1 of everything except the bit. Just got an email today from Mouser saying the portal is delayed, all others are here.

Thanks, are you in europe?

I’m in Canada

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The status of the Fez portal is now unknown at mouser.
I checked portal availability at Mouser, Digikey and Arrow
Arrow on stock. Price-> 168,3 € (+ taxes)
Mouser : on stock on ?? Price -> 125.7 € (+ taxes) (Still show rev B)
Digikey : 0 on stock : expected delivery Aug 5, 2020 -> Price 104.7 €
I send one email to mouser to get more info. Maybe caused by switch from Rev B to Rev C ?

That is it, exactly!

apparently not. They have the Rev C in their catalog as well. Non stocked.
Boards stolen by Aliens probably

I got a response from mouser regarding the FEZ portal

Thank you for your email.

The reason for delay is 958-SCC-FPRTL-B not been delivered to our warehouse.
*image *

Apologies for the possible inconvenience this might cause.

So, it’s in your hand…

You need to order SCC-FPRTL-C, which they have inn house… They haven’t updated thier system with the new part number.

Hi Gus

I asked them to change the P/N to C.
They will check with their warehouse and let me know

That part number is non-stocked and has an MOQ of 250 at Mouser. Very confusing.

They have the parts but it is a matter of updating the system. Not sure why it is taking so long.

The guy i have contacted (mouser europe) told me he asked US warehouse to verify.(rev c) but according to his system, they have effectively none. waiting for the response…

and here is the latest status. No C on stock, none on order. if you want to order you need to request a delivery quote.


We have just spoken to Mouser. I hope any minute now…

Your post was 9 hours ago. The SCC-FPRTL-B is the only one that shows up if you search for Fez Portal and the SCC-FPRTL-C is still no stock with 100 on order but no dates. The MOQ is now 1 which is good.

FEZ Portal is now showing stock at Mouser!!!


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Thanks Greg. You might want to contact Mouser and ask them to remove the entry to SCC-FPRTL and update the search so that Fez Portal also points to the SCC-FPRTL-B version. Right now it shows the SCC-FPRTL and a non-stocked item.

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