Boards shipped and RC2 is on its way

We have shipped many SITCore SBCs to distributors yesterday and we are planning to ship remaining SITCore dev boards and SoMs on Monday.

We have also been plowing through the issues and have them all fixed up for RC2. We even have managed to throw in a couple of new features :slight_smile: we could not resist.

We know things got delayed but great things are worth waiting for :nerd_face:


Please do not tell us about the new features… no one is interested…

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I can verify that, yes indeed, product is shipping.


I presume it’s about graphics, mainly ?

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and file system for 8 MB flash too

Looook!!! There’s my board!!!

What will happen with bugs “removed from the v2.0.0-rc2” milestone ? (#502, #525, #629, to name a few)
Will there be an RC3 ?

Shouldn’t we finish RC2 first? :grin:

Yes, of course. But since those have been removed from this rc2 milestone, I thought that they would be handled later. rc3, backlog, preview3, I don’t know.
And btw, if I believe the repo, rc2 is close to be over, now. Hence my question.

Still waiting for inventory :grimacing:

Me: Mouser, let me pre-order a couple boards?
Mouser: Okay, where is your money?
Me: Here.
Mouser: Order placed, we’ll send you updates on you order.

2 day later:
Mouser: Thanks again for your money, your new shipment date is 09/01/2020

So I am eagerly waiting for my order to arrive.

Boards shipped to mouser few days ago. Any day now and the website will show stock

We are just like kids waiting for Christmas day to open presents.

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Got a feather and stick last week from digikey…


Does that make it an arrow? :joy:

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Now @Justin, that’s drawing a long bow to draw !

Presents from DigiKey


boards shown on stock at mouser but portal still not there (08-31). and they ship wihen all parts are on stock… so what about portal availability ?

SC20260E SOM still not available either. Same date expected.

Waiting patiently for the SCM-20260N-C and Fez Portal to show as stock available from Mouser. :slight_smile: